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1.  SSE group1

CLASS DATE: 11/04/2018

TEACHERS: Aruna and Sunitha

(Assisted by Rakhi)

SUMMARY: wrapped up the topic Devotion ATTENDANCE: 9


We started the class with 3 om’s and silent meditation with instrumental music.


Main Topic: Discipline

We started the class with recap of what we did  in the last classes as we were meeting after a long gap. A story on faith was narrated – A girl with an umbrella. Then we transitioned into the aspect of discipline. We talked about discipline in nature – seasons, day and night happens because earth revolves around the sun without a break, animals when they move in herd, walk in a line, even ants form a line …. We see rules everywhere – traffic signals, at school, even at home. We talked about the challenges to follow rules sometimes, especially for things that we have to do regularly for e.g practicing an instrument, writing the home journal everyday.

We will continue our discussion on this in the next class.

We ended the class with multi faith prayer and bhajans.

Garland project:

We made the garland today and is ready.

Life application/Home work:

Along with the current journal, an additional column should be added for any activity that the child finds challenging to do everyday for e.g practicing an instrument, writing home journal, practicing math. If they are unable to do it on any day, they must cite a reason. This will help us to identify the reason and address it 

Note to Parents: Please help with the above homework

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2.  SSE-Group4

CLASS DATE: 12/02/2018 TEACHER(S):  Mouli and Meenakshi

Preparing for YA & G4 Mini Retreat

ATTENDANCE:  9 out of 13

Main topic:

This week Group 4 started class with the main topic of preparing for the YA & G4 mini retreat. The class discussed the four topics allocated for the retreat and how they were applicable to each of our lives. After this, the Sai-inspiration presentations were briefly introduced. Then class was wrapped up with a debriefing session on the two speakers we had prior to break: Shashank Shah and Ravi Mariwalla.

During the Week:

Conscious practice of dedicating any and all tasks to Swami.

Note to Parents:

Sairam Parents –

We will not have SSE the following weeks…

Dec. 9th – Due to Saturday’s YA & G4 mini retreat

Dec. 23rd – Christmas break

Dec. 30th – New Years break


We encourage parents and students to continue to discuss the topic of devotion throughout the week at home and consciously practice as a family.

We ask Swami to guide us all as we contemplate on and practice devotion.

Jai Sai Ram!

-Group 4 Gurus

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3.  SSE-Group3

CLASS DATE: 12/02/2018 TEACHER(S):  Nalini, Gangadher, Manoj
SUMMARY: Recap of Q1, Student Experience sharing, Help and Be happy ATTENDANCE:  18


Beginning prayers led by students. We chant multi faith prayers beginning of each class to show all regions teach same.

Link to multi faith prayers with meaning:

Main topic:

  • Thru Interactive session students drew on the white board a flow chart of Happiness (where we started, what we discussed so far). 
  • Students shared their experience of leading thru being role models and WATCH that were to practice. It is very inspiring to listen to their experiences.
  • We ended by watching an animated video that shows this whole flow chart with no dialogues- A man who was sad, realizes what made  him happy, does more of it and inspires others to do!

Note to Parents:


We are planning Christmas party- Movie that relates to our topic and food on Dec 16th. More details to follow.

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4.  Pre-SSE

CLASS DATE: 11/04/2018 TEACHERS: Vanaja patti,  Chandran Thatha, Shruthi akka
SUMMARY: Don’t waste food & water ATTENDANCE: 17/24


3 Oms, Gayatri, Ganapati Prarthana

Main topics:  Today Patti talked to us about not wasting food and water. She told us that food makes us to grow strong and healthy. We should remember not to waste food. She reminded us to be thankful to our parents especially to our mom for cooking our food everyday. Sometimes we are hesitant to try new food which we haven’t eaten before. Instead of denying she asked us to try a little. She also told us not to waste water. She reminded us to turn the water off during brushing our teeth, not to take long shower. Patti read a book: Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Seuss. Today Thatha did experiments with Pencils and Water. He filled the glass with water. Dropped the pencil in the glass. We saw how the shape of a pencil change inside the water, letters in the pencil looks bigger in side the water.  Anjana aunty came to the class to practice the song ‘Joy of Sai’ which we will be singing for Swami’s birthday. 

Life application/Home work:   Help your parents in cooking, setting up the table for dinner.


Note to Parents:    (from parents’ discussion)  

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5.  SSE-Group2

CLASS DATE: 12/02/2018

TEACHERS:Hitha Raj, Aditi Jain, Jalaja peechu

Summary: Unity of faith 



Class started with 3 oms



We had a great pleasure to have guest speaker, Katy to come and share a short presentation to class on Zorastrianism.

Students enjoyed the class and  the presentation. Of course our students had a very good questions to ask and get the answers too.

Here are some of the Amazing things we learnt:

The faith Zorastrianism is believed to be originated about 3000 years ago in Iran. They believe in one God Ahura Mazda.

Ahura=mighty,lord   Mazda= wisdom.

Symbol : Fire.

The presenter shared with us a story about Milk and sugar. About 1400 years ago,Iran was attacked by Foreigners and some people moved to Gujarat, India. 

Milk and sugar story:  when the Zorastrian people came to the king of Gujarat, the king showed them a glass filled with milk and told them that we are already full and there is no space for others. Then one Zorastrian (priest) took some sugar and mixed with the milk in the glass. Like the sugar mixed with the milk and brought sweetness to the milk, we the zorastrians also will be like sugar and get mixed with the people of India and add to the sweetness. The King felt very happy and gave them permission to settle down in Gujarat, India.




The Faravahar is one of the vital symbols in the Zoroastrian religion.  Each part of the faravahar has a significant meaning.    

1)The Faravahar’s face represents the  face of human being, and therefore shows a connection to mankind.                                                                                

2) The faravahar has two wings, each of which has three main feathers.  The feathers indicate three things, “good thoughts”, “good words”, and “good deeds.”which are at the same time motive of flight and advancement.

3)The lower part also consists of three parts.  The meaning of these three feathers are opposite to that of the wings.  The represent “bad thoughts,” “bad words,” and “bad deeds.”  This will bring misery and misfortune to humans.

4) There are two loops on the Faravahar.  One on each side.  They represent “Sepanta Minu,” and “Ankareh Minu.”  The former is directed toward the face and the latter is located at the back.  It indicates to us that we must look forward for the good in life, and turn away from the bad.

5) There is a circle in the middle of the Faravahar’s trunk.  This symbol indicates that our spirit is in a way endless, having neither a beginning, nor an end.

6) One of the hands on the Faravahar points upwards, showing that we have to struggle to prosper.

7) The other hand holds a ring.  Some interpreters consider that it is perceived as the ring of covenant. This ring represents loyalty and faithfulness

Fire is the symbol of Zoroastrianism. Fire—along with water—are seen as symbols of purity in Zoroastrian religion.

Zoroastrian places of worship are sometimes called fire temples. Each fire temple contains an altar with an eternal flame that burns continuously and is never extinguished.

They pray 5 times a day.

 Here is the link to the presentation.

Life application:

 The faravahar has two wings, each of which has three main feathers.  The feathers indicate three things, “good thoughts”, “good words”, and “good deeds.”which are at the same time motive of flight and advancement.

             please have good  thoughts, words and deeds and come and share with us how you flew upwards with the feathers of good thoughts,good words and good deeds.

Here are some pics .




1. We would like all the students to be on time by 3.25pm we are staring the class by 3.30pm.

Class room door closes at 3.30pm.

If any students come late they have to wait outside the door till we finish prayers and meditation.

2. As a parent your responsibility to check the home work ( life application ) which we give them to follow through while week.

Once you as a parent commit to the follow up with your kids the results are impactful.

3. Treat this spiritual learning as a beautiful foundation to your kids who are the future generations of leaders.

Swami has given us the opportunity to be the part of this huge responsibility. Let’s stand up to build this great future leaders.


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