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1.  SSE group1


CLASS DATE: 02/10/2019

TEACHERS: Jagruthi , Aruna and Resmi


SUMMARY: Continuing with Discipline with focus on perseverence and determination to achieve your goals




Start the class with 3 om’s and silent meditation and two multi faith prayers – sayeeswaraya and namo tassa bhagavatho.

Learn new prayer – Ashem Vohu


Main Topic:  Discipline


Lesson Plan:

 We discussed if the class was able to stick to their plan and achieve their goal for this week. What difficulty they faced to stick to their plan?

Then we played some games to introduce the idea of challenges we face to win . ( Games include Brainvita, Troy, Jenga, cards etc)

After the games we talked about how some games felt hard and they wanted to give up. But having patience and determination to achieve the goals and not to give up even if it is challenging helps us win.

We watched the video of the kid with challenges


If this kid who had so many challenges can still find a way to achieve his goals, then we should also be able to achieve our goals with the right discipline.

Concluded the class by stating that discipline is sticking to our plan for achieving our goals with  patience and determination. Do not give up but face our challenges.




·       Putting shoes and school bag at their right places as soon as we come back home. Same for rest for family

·       Prayer before food

·       Follow your goal everyday



Note to Parents: 

We are learning about self discipline-Importance of listening.Remind the kids about their daily journal/homework.

Friendly reminder

  • You can bring gently used books for donating to underprivileged kids.
  • Sai Samarpan article are to be submitted by end of February.
  • Help our children to achieve their goal of the week.


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2.  SSE-Group4

CLASS DATE: 02/03/2019 TEACHER(S):  Mouli, Nirmala, and Meenakshi

Screening Coco

ATTENDANCE:  10 out of 13

Main topic:

This week Group 4 finished screening the animated film Coco. This film was screened over two class period and will subsequently be discussed about its relation to the human values. This is an effort to show that everything in life can be related back to the inner Sai and to non-compartmentalize spirituality in daily life.


Note to Parents:

Sairam Parents –

We will have regular SSE at 3:30 PM this Sunday, Feb. 10th.

Jai Sai Ram!

-Group 4 Gurus

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3.  Pre-SSE

CLASS DATE: 02/10/2019 TEACHERS: Vanaja patti,  Chandran Thatha, Vasanthi aunty

Prayers: 3 Oms, Gayatri

Main topics:  Today Patti continued talking to us about being Patient. We learnt  patience means ‘waiting for something’.  She showed us a picture where kids are standing in line for the door to open. One of them gets impatient and starts bumping other kids. We learnt that in a situation like this we have to be patient and keep ourselves busy by counting numbers, singing or playing games quietly by ourselves. We played four games where we learnt how to be patient when we have to wait for our turn. She read two books: ‘Waiting is not easy’ and ‘Llama Llama Red Pajama’ where kids are learning how to be patient from grown ups. Lakshmi aunty came and practiced one bhajan with us: ‘Repeat the name Sairam , Sairam’. Thanks Lakshmi aunty.Today Vanitha aunty came and gave us goody bag for Valentine day. Thanks Vanitha aunty. 

Life application/Home work:  Use your patience and start learning the bhajans ‘Repeat the name Sairam, Sairam’ and ‘Chitha Chora Yasodha Ke Bal’ with your parents. Start working for Samarpan magazine.

Note to Parents:   Parents continued their discussion on their intake from Dr. Kalpana Venugopal’s questions and answer session  held on Saturday.

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4.  SSE-Group3

CLASS DATE: 2/10/2019 TEACHER(S):  Nalini, Gangadher
SUMMARY:  Discipline  Game(Puttaparthi- Put apart I) ATTENDANCE:  13


Beginning prayers led by students. We chant multi faith prayers beginning of each class to show all regions teach same.

Link to multi faith prayers with meaning:

Main topic:  Discipline

  • Each student gave what was their key message from last class.
  • Can all the physical, food and emotional discipline they came up in last class for M Phelps can be adopted in our life?
  • Can we replace swimming with any area where each one of us wants to improve?
  • Game: PUT-APART-I (That’s how Swami explained Puttaparthi)

    Student should speak for 2 mins on a given topic. The RULE is they cannot use the pronoun, “I”. If they do they have to stop and sit down. The other children who are listening have to be alert to point out if the pronoun “I” is used. 

    •         Once you saw an old, wrinkled lady crying on the road as she couldn’t cross it…..
    •         You saw a baby bird falling from its nest….
    •         A homeless man asks you for food and help…..
    •         Your friend has failing grades in math and asks for your help…..


    1. Why did we try not to use the pronoun “I”?
    2.   What is this “I”?
    3. If you were given time to organize your thoughts would it be more successful?
    4. How much Discipline of thought, word and deeds is required to be able to play this game.  Discipline has to start right at the thought level.
  • Discipline is not just about following a routine but should go to the extent where we watch our intentions, thoughts. Then let the thoughts translate to words and deeds.
  • Each student picked an area they would like to improve and set themselves SMART (SMART stands for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-bound).goals to attain. The note they wrote is to Swami. They are accountable to follow it since they need to watch their intentions. Swami is in them so cannot escape with an excuse.
  • We had an active discussion on the SMART goals they picked, how to track, who is accountable, intention counts (not a check box but to please Swami).
  • Life Application- We asked students to create a routine that they can adhere to. Pick a Swami’s book and read for 15 mins everyday before going to the bed.

Note to Parents:

Goal for this year- Be Happy. Please ask students to continue to make a note of their emotions and when they were not happy. If you can help with this we can work towards transformation identifying the situation and discussing and learning to handle our emotions. 


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5.  SSE-Group2

ACLASS DATE: 02/03/2019

TEACHERS:Hitha Raj, Aditi Jain, Jalaja peechu

Summary: Unity of faith 



Sai ram :

Today field trip to Church was a great experience!

We almost had 100% attendance.

Parents thank you for your participation.

Parents please check our what’s app group for all the pics of today’s trip.

Savanna click and Nathan click did an awesome job on there presentatation.

On Christianity:

Did you know 

2.4 Billion people in the world are Christians.

That is 1/3 of worlds population.

Story of Jesus was shown in pictures,

We discussed some famous stores of Jesus .

Scripture is bible

Teaching of Jesus :

How to lead a good life with spreading love and serving others.

How to atone for our sins.

Tour of the church:

As ours was big group of 35 we divided our selves into 3 groups with the member of the church and had a tour of the Bishops office, Sunday class rooms, church hall ways with each Jesus picture represents his service and love.

 The tour we assembled in the chapel for a prayer and they call it as chapel of sanctuary.  We were given the opportunity to explain what goes on in that chapel every Sunday.

 We also got to know they have a men and women support group. And also they help the community in need of food, shelter and clothings too.

the church is involed in lots of service activities.

We also learnt about the importance of baptism.

Over all it was a great experience to students parents and teachers.

Now I am sure when the students come across there Christian friends in school or in there activities or in the society , they have more respect towards there religion and there teaching and there prayers.

Affirmation: all the students had a chance to tell their affirmation.

Life application:   1. Making bed in the morning as soon as they get up ( it was very successful last week and thank yo for parents Being great partners in motivating your kids) 

We need 100% this week too. We already mentioned how to take responsibility and do there duties to students, just be the inspiration to your kids.

2. Students came up with this life application. They will learn more about the gospel of Jesus Christ. All the students got a copy of this booklet.



1. We would like all the students to be on time by 3.25pm we are staring the class by 3.30pm.

Class room door closes at 3.30pm.

If any students come late they have to wait outside the door till we finish prayers and meditation.

2. As a parent your responsibility to check the home work ( life application ) which we give them to follow through the week.

Once you as a parent commit to the follow up with your kids the results are impactful.

3. Treat this spiritual learning as a beautiful foundation to your kids who are the future generations of leaders.

Swami has given us the opportunity to be the part of this huge responsibility. Let’s stand up to build this great future leaders.


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