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1.  SSE-Group4

CLASS DATE: 04/29/2018 TEACHER(S): Nirmala, Mouli and Meenakshi

Last class before summer


Main topic:

This was the last Group 4 class before summer break. The class discussed final items in preparation for EDay. We also discussed about the importance of EDay and wrapped up with a reflection of this year’s Group 4 activities and potential service project ideas for next year.

Note to Parents:

Sairam Parents –

Important dates to note…

May 1st – Altar set up “dry run” at HSNC main hall at 5:45 PM

May 6th – Easwaramma Day at HSNC main hall


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2.  SSE-Group3

CLASS DATE: 4/08/18 TEACHERS: Nalini, KK, Gangadher, Ardra


Beginning prayers led by students. Ganesha, Guru, Mata.  We also introduced multi faith prayers. Please have them learn them. Link to multi faith prayers audio link:

General class guidelines. No cell phones and being respectful to each other.

Main topics:

We played a Game similar to wheel of fortune-    Every team spins and answers question in that category in two rounds followed by rapid fire questions.

  • Here is the link to wheel with categories : Wheel Of Sai
  • Link to the questions (answered included): Questions

We then discussed ideas for SSE Exhibition. Below are tasks that they choose to take up.

  • Poster 1 Connecting to Swami within – Kanusha, Diya, 

  • Poster 2 Distractions (Internal and External)  and Riddles to solve – Sai Charon, Pranav, 

  • Poster 3 Life is Game. Similarities between Life and Game. Define – Harini. 

  • Circuit- Show when we are distracted using – Prem

  • Relay race. Script for To talk about attitude, skills, vision- Raj

SSE Skit

  • Discussed skit and roles.
  • Skit will be sent to parents with roles, costumes by Monday.
  • Please help children practice.

Note to Parents: 

  1. Sai Samarpan articles due tonight.
  2. Children volunteered for posters – due date next Sunday.
  3. Video recording of the skit – will be on April 15th 3pm to 6pm in Crab Tree park (weather permitting).
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3.  Pre-SSE

CLASS DATE: 04/22/2018 TEACHERS: Vanaja patti,  Chandran Thatha, Vasanthi aunty
SUMMARY: Practice for Easwaramma Day ATTENDANCE: 22


3 Oms, Gayatri, 

Main topics:  


Today we spent the whole time of our class by practicing our play. Patti asked our parents to come and watch our practice. That way they can help us to learn our part better. 


Life application/Home work: 

Please listen to the audio recording with your parents and practice.

Note to Parents:    

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4.  SSE-Group2


CLASS DATE: 03/25/2018

TEACHERS:Hitha Raj, Aditi Jain, Jalaja peechu


Why do we celebrate srirama Navami




Class started with 3 oms

regular prayers

Atima was in the class to train students for the unison songs for the E-Day.

story: we talked about the what is the meaning of Ra -ray of light . Ma – within.  A ray of light with in.

very very powerful name Rama to be chanted.

what is the meeting of Rama Navami 

the day Rama was born in this earth. Vishnu avatar.

why we celebrate Rama Navami 

what is the importance of Rama Navami.

we talked about Rama birth and Rama’ s swayam varam.

how Rama was so much following the right conduct and how bold and courageous, honest, confident. Winning good over evil.

we listen to the SWAMI’s singing Rama kodanda Rama 



we practiced the play for Eswaramma day.



April 15th. Is the last date to submit the sai samarpan article, please be support to your kid if they need it.

April 21st  Sai aradhana day we have kids exhibition 

they are presenting please come in large crowd to support the students.

May 6th E -day 

practice and recording is going on vigorously please be a great support thank you.

please check your what’s app chat group for all the reminders.


Life application/Homework:

Read more about Rama and pick one of Rama’s great quality to follow for 2 weeks and share your experience in the class.

1. Practice light meditation daily. . Observe yourself if you are carrying the love and light with you wherever you go. Come and share with us how did it help you

2. Continue spreading golden hearts to yourself,people around you and to the environment.

3.Please practice skit lines and be ready for next weeks practice session.

4.Come and share with us how are you spending your quality time with God praying, singing, talking and loving.

5. Practice being aware of time. Where is your precious time going and how is your quality time used.


Note to Parents:

we had a great parent teacher meeting 

we discussed about how the time made an impact in students life for these 2 quarters. 

Thank you for all the parents who were able to make it. We missed the parents who were not able to make it.

 1.Please encourage students to practice light meditation. 

2..Please encourage children to be regular to the classes, also please be on time. 

As you all know we are working on Time, we would love students be present by 3.25pm

we need your help for students to be on time. 

2.Have a family discussion about today’s class; what did they learn, what impacted them the most

3..We humbly request you and your son / daughter to stay back for the Bhajan session whenever it is possible. Many of the group dynamics we are working on are connected to the center devotional session. We appreciate your time and commitment it’s a blessing to be part singing SWAMI’s Glory.


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5.  SSE-Group1

CLASS DATE: 3/18/2018 TEACHERS:   Jagruti,Aruna, Mansi

We began the class with three Om’s and Class was followed by silent sittting .

Main topic: Discipline

We asked each one to tell their ‘Discipline of the week” and how they facesd different challanges in following that.



  • We started to work on “our reward sticker program”.We will observe three rules for our class for third quater.We will try to come at 3.30pm for class,We will do our SSE home work and we will follow  one discipline that each student has decided to follow for  the week.
  • We told stories about Hanuman.He is the perfect example of Five Ds .We shared Jambuvan bringing inner latent powers of Hanuman and how Hanuman faces mountain Maniks,Demon Surasa and Singarika.
  • we have started working on our Eshwaramma day drama.We will soon decide role play characters and team for upcoming SSE exhibition.

 Life application/Home work:

Make sure to record everyday: “What I have done today to show my love to God”
Daily night prayers and “Reflection”
Don’t forget to write down at least three good deeds for this week.
Reward sticker program-do not forget to do you Daily discipline practice for the week.

Note to Parents

Please help the children fill out this weeks activities: Day, date, reflection, and prayers. Assist them in writing what they have done today to show their love for God and their good deeds completed during the week. This can be done individually, or with the entire family, and this can become a beautiful family activity as well.

Help them to complete their chosen Discipline everyday.

Reminder-Parents we will be participating in sandwitch seva from 4.45 to 5.15 pm next sunday.


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