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1.  SSE group1

CLASS DATE: 10/07/2018 TEACHERS: Aruna and Sunitha
SUMMARY: Introducing the topic Faith ATTENDANCE: 16


We started the class with 3 om’s followed by one minute meditation

We talked about the importance of chanting Om – that it is the sound of creation and helps us to connect to the creator. We can listen to this sound in sea shells, the bells in temple, wind etc. It is one unifying sound. hence we chant it in the beginning of every class/bhajan/session.

We then chanted the multi faith prayer we have learnt so far (Sayeeswaraya Vidmahe) and learnt the Buddhist prayer:

Namo Tassa Bhagavatho Arahato Sama Sambuddhasa

Buddham Sharanam Gachami

Dhammam Sharanam Gachami

Sangham Sharanam Gachami

Link to multi-faith prayers:

Main Topic: Devotion, Sub theme-Faith


Stories are one of the best medium to bring out the messages for children. We are continuing to explore faith and how we can put into practice in our daily life. We listened to a story on what is not faith, a simple story of a tightrope walker, who was an expert in the feat. In spite of showing his talent, people were not ready to trust and go with him although they applauded and cheered him. So, we understood that it’s not just the talent and skill that draws our faith to them. Faith comes with love and it is inseparable, as an example, we trust our parents because we love them vice versa. Similarly we have to develop faith in God, believe that he is always listening to us and is always protecting us.

Couple of children narrated their personal experiences on how their faith in God helped them in difficult situations like BOG and Taekwondo belt testing. It was so heartening to listen to the instances and happy to see how children are putting what they learnt in school into practice in their daily life.

We played an interesting game of Quiz on Bhajans and Quotes. Team Prema(Boys team) and Team Faith (Girls team), both did fantastic and we ended up in a tie 🙂

We had decided on the class norms and it was written on a poster board and we all signed it by putting our handprint.

Anjana aunty taught the class – Joy of Sai song – in preparation for Swami’s birthday

Life application/Home work:

Same as last week

Homework includes a daily journal of certain activities.  We asked the students to journal about their prayers to God and write on how they showed their love/faith for God. It was amazing to see their journal entries on how they showed faith/love for God.

Note to ParentsRemind the children about their homework and encourage them to use some of the methods like visualization/imagination/chanting the name of their favorite God when they are faced with difficult situations and to have firm faith in God.

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2.  SSE-Group4

CLASS DATE: 10/14/2018 TEACHER(S):  Nirmala and Meenakshi

Discussion on Committees, Note in Pocket Charity Project, Thoughts on Medical Camp and Interfaith Meet

ATTENDANCE:  8 out of 13

Main topic:

This week, Group 4 began class by sharing our thoughts on the Interfaith meet at the Unity Church couple weeks ago. After that, we watched a video about the Note in the Pocket Charity Organization, and discussed ideas for a service project. We then split everyone into groups that will present to each SSE group about the charity and talk to them about what it is and what they can do. Then, we discussed what we should present to each group and made a list of things we should say. Next, the people who went to the Medical Camp talked about their experiences and what they likes/what could improve for next year. Lastly, we finished class by going over what service committees we could join to help out in the center.

Below is the video detailing Note in the Pocket…

Our Story

During the Week:

Conscious practice of dedicating any and all tasks to Swami.

Write a short summary of what you would like to say about Note in the Pocket to the SSE group you have chosen to visit next Sunday.

Note to Parents:

Sairam Parents –

We will have regular class at HSNC this Sunday (Oct. 21th) at 3:30pm.


We encourage parents and students to continue to discuss the topic of devotion throughout the week at home and consciously practice as a family.

We ask Swami to guide us all as we contemplate on and practice devotion.

Jai Sai Ram!

-Group 4 Gurus

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3.  SSE-Group3

CLASS DATE: 10/14/18 TEACHERS: Nalini
SUMMARY: Spiritual Significance of Navaratri ATTENDANCE: 15 (out of 21)


Beginning prayers led by students. We chant multi faith prayers beginning of each class to show all regions teach same.

Link to multi faith prayers with meaning:

Main topics:

  • We started with recap of last week’s theme and students came up with what emotions contributed to their unhappiness during the last week. 
  • This weeks topic: Importance of Navaratri and Dushera/Vijaya Dashami. 

Story of Mahishasura Mardhini and inner meaning

Spiritual Significance of Navaratri

Inner meaning of worshiping nature

  • We watched a video of Swami’s childhood story of how Swami faced bullying from his fellow students who were jealous of Him but how he transformed them with His love. More discussion to follow in the next week’s class.
  • Practice for the week: This whole week they learn to do the same thing, notice their emotions, identify and log them. Bring to class the jar and show many beads they had this week. 

Note to parents:

Regular attendance to SSE is very critical for the success of this program. All the students who missed this class have missed what is the goal and how we are going to measure and practice this year!

Parents , please notice students emotions and have them track those, reason for the emotions. They should also drop bead in the jar when they noticed they are pushed into unhappy mindset.


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4.  Pre-SSE

CLASS DATE: 10/14/2018 TEACHERS: Vanaja patti,  Chandran Thatha, Vasanthi aunty
SUMMARY: Pray & Be Happy ATTENDANCE: 19/24


3 Oms, Gayatri, 

Main topics:  Today Patti talked to us about how we can pray to God in different ways. She told us that praying is talking to God who is everywhere and He is also inside us. We can pray to Him anytime in whatever activities we are doing. We learnt that we can pray through chanting slokas, singing bhajans, playing any musical instruments, playing with toys outside or inside, doing art work, eating our food, even sitting quietly while appreciating the nature. Pranav anna came with his violin and showed us how he prays through his instrument while playing  songs to God. It was lots of fun singing while he was playing his violin. Thanks anna for coming to our class. Anjana aunty came to teach us a new bhajan which we will be singing for Swami’s birthday on Nov. 18th. Thanks aunty for coming and teaching us the bhajan


Life application/Home work: 

Listen to the song that you are learning for Swami’s birthday with your parents and practice everyday. This is going to be our present to Swami on His birthday.

Note to Parents:    (from parents’ discussion)   Ask your child how they would like to pray (have a conversation with God) this week. For example: they could write a poem or letter, draw a picture or sing a song for God. Do this activity along with your child.

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5.  SSE-Group2


CLASS DATE: 10/14/2018

TEACHERS:Hitha Raj, Aditi Jain, Jalaja peechu


Unity of faith 




             As we came to the conclusion of the classes on Buddism. We decided to have a field trip with students to the local Buddhist temple. 

It’s called Kadampa Center located 

5412, Etta Burke Ct, Raleigh, NC 27606

if anyone is interested in visiting it’s amazing place.


Ms. Elise  the presenter was waiting to welcome us in the Buddhist temple. 17 students ,3 teachers, 5 parents.  You can view the photos and videos here. 

we reached there by 3pm , Elise guided us to the prayer hall. You can see the pictures below. It’s a beautiful divine place.

an amazing presentation by Elise from 30 minutes 

how buddha’s Life was such an example for compassion,wisdom and skillful action.

she also explained in details the top 4 things to be aware of :

1. Be grateful for the precious life we got.

2. Be thankful and aware that we are all in interdependence on each other and do no harm.

Happiness = Kindness

3. Cause= Effect ( Karma)


4. Seeing things as they really are

nothing is permanent,  everything always changes

only the truth is non changeable.

every beautiful examples were given by Ms. Elise.

after her presentation students got the chance to ask questions. Believe me or not they went on on with questions for 45 minutes, Elise patiently answered all the question. 

Elise ended our awesome presentation with a guided meditation, what a great experience. 

We went around the temple to see Stupa, a big buddhas’s idol, prayer wheel.

Students enjoyed the trip. 

Elise had a great compliments to our students, she said well disciplined students and lots of curiosity and  very well engaged group. She also added the comment that she was impressed to hear the students talk about the 8 path Fold. 

Thank you swami for an amazing team of triple partnership.

Did you know?

Buddhist have 

Colorful prayer flags, each color represents fire, earth , water etc etc

 They also have the prayer wheel, where the inside the wheel is filled with love and the healing , when you spin the wheel you are enhancing the prayers and spreading  to the universe, the love and peace.

Stupa is the representation of honoring your loved ones.

Each picture on the wall with vibrant colors represents the story behind it.

we truly enjoyed our trip of awareness, love , compassion, kindness and divinity.

what a great blessing.

sairam please enjoy the pictures.



Note to Parents:

we had a great parent teacher meeting 

we Discussed about the unity faith to be this quarter topic of devotion.

Thank you for all the parents who were able to make it. We missed the parents who were not able to make it.

please be involved in to kids spiritual life, believe me this is the greatest gift you can give to your children.

believe me connection with God at this tender age is a must to the young souls.

if parents are interested please join us to observe the class.

 1.Please encourage students to bring their own water bottle and fruit in case they hungry after the class.

let them use the bathroom before they get into the class.

2..Please encourage children to be regular to the classes, also please be on time. 3:30pm we start the class.

As discipline is the topic of the year. Let’s strive to be their by 3:25pm

we need your help for students to be on time. 

2.Have a family discussion about today’s class; what did they learn, what impacted them the most

3..We humbly request you and your son / daughter to stay back for the Bhajan session whenever it is possible. Many of the group dynamics we are working on are connected to the center devotional session. We appreciate your time and commitment it’s a blessing to be part singing SWAMI’s Glory.


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