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  • Sunday Sai Center Activities Schedule
    Time Description
    2:30 – 3:30 p.m. Setup Activities
    3:30 – 5:00 p.m. Sathya Sai Education (SSE) Classes for children (September to May)
    3:30 – 4:00 p.m. Singers Practice only for the specific group singing on that day
    4:00 – 5:00 p.m. Devotional Singing Practice open to all devotees (First and Fifth Sunday of the month)


    Study Circle (all other Sundays)

    5:10 – 06:10 p.m. Devotional Singing

    Looking for a service opportunity? Volunteers are needed every Sunday at 2:30 pm to help with the set-up of the Sai Center and altar. Also, volunteers are needed to stay back after the devotional activities are completed to help with the break down and cleanup. 

  • Study Circle

    4/8/2018 – Diving further into key aspects of the Divine Beings

    We did a recap of the material shared so far. Then we proceeded to the concept of “Guru’s Grace” that has actually already acted on our lives and brought us to Bhagawan! We spoke about the ways, methods and leelas of the Shirdi Sai Avatar and Sathya Sai Advent. Several anecdotes from Baba’s interaction with students reveal His Love and compassion and also, the miraculous nature. The demonstrate extraordinary compassion by taking upon their own Divine Body, the suffering of their beloved devotees. Baba’s illness during Guru Poornima of 1963, actually became the reason to disclose to the world, the three incarnations in the Bharadwaj Gotra. Next, the theme of “Mysticism” was introduced and will be described during the next session. Sairam!

    3/25/2018Advent (Birth) of the Great Beings

    Avatars are not born, through ordinary union of parents. Baba asked Mother Eswaramma to share how His birth (described as Pravesa – immaculate conception) came to be in response to a question from one, Rama Sarma. We traced Mother Eswaramma’s evolution from doting and concerned mother to staunch devotee. 

    3/18/2018 – Great Power and Illusion

    We continued discussing the theme “Sathya Sai Baba as Guide, Guru and Goal.” We read an extract from Bhagawan’s Discourse that explains, how He had to limit His powers to incarnate amongst men. Also, as a police officer try to nab thieves, He comes in the disguise of a thief. The concept of “Mahaashakti” or great power and “Mayaashakthi” or Illusory Power were discussed. I shared certain public incidents that show Bhagawan’s phenomenal power. We discussed a question regarding why devotees still have doubts. The fact is that we (devotees) have a mind that may create doubt. We need to be alert, and identify with the Heart, rather than with more superficial thoughts, in the mind, so that we can retain our connection with Bhagawan.

    3/11/2018 – Loving Understanding and Great Guidance

    During this weeks study circle, we discussed the 16 kalas (aspects) of Purna (Full or complete) Avatars or exalted beings. They participate in everyday activities as ordinary people. This make it imperative for sincere devotees, to be alert to catch the glimpses of Divinity, that they show – such as Omnipresence, Omniscience and Omnipotence. Several examples of Bhagawan’s love, understanding of human nature and selflessness observed as a Sai student were shared. It is important that we connect with the Divine. Whether we are drawn, initially, for relief from an illness or other reason, is immaterial. Further, it is clear that the devotees of Swami, were chosen by Him. We should remember that His Advent, was a solidification of the yearning of sincere aspirants (i.e all of us).

    3/04/2018 – Primary Consciousness and Desireless Desire

    We continued our discussion on the theme of God As Man. We discussed the rare event of incarnation of such exalted beings who are aware of their identity as “Primary Consciousness”, their selflessness, indomitable spirit despite challenges and commitment to inspiring their followers. Relevant events from the lives of Jesus Christ, Sri Rama, and Bhagawan were narrated to demonstrate their exemplary lives.

    The concept of “Desireless Desire” was revisited with examples. In the next session, we will discuss the reason for incarnation and the prophecies that signal the advent of Bhagawan Baba.


    The Study Circle began a new theme – God as Man. Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba as Guide, Guru and Goal.

    The first section focus on THE AVATAR : We spoke about the fact that theologians argue about whether God is Transcendent or Immanent. The Vedas declare he is Immanent while being Transcendent. God incarnates when His Dear ones hit a new low – that is why we are witnessing the three Avatars – Shirdi Sai, Sathya Sai and Prema Sai, to come!

    Emperor Akbar too wondered how it was that the Hindus believed that their God would Himself incarnate- could He not send His deputies? Birbal proves the point to him in a novel way.

    During the next session we will discuss how to recognize the Avatar.


    This session focused on “Managing the Mind”, building on Bhagawan’s directives to:

    (a) Regular cleaning of the Mind, (b) Turning the Mind towards God (c) Rendering the Mind Objectless. We spoke of the above in the context of the characteristics of the Mind we studied in the last few sessions. As managing the mind is no mean task, Grace of the Lord, attained through deep prayer is a recommended method.

    In the next session, we encourage members to come forward to share their insights based on the discussions we have had, on this theme. Sairam!


    With Bhagwan’s Grace the study circle members reconvened after a long gap, to continue discussing the characteristics of the Mind. Bhagwan’s concept of ” Materialization – Vibration – Radiation” and about 15 different characteristics such as ” Operates through the senses”, “tends to seek  self gain and dwell in the past or the future” “Engages in planning and mental chatter” were discussed. Bhagwan’s concept of “CIA” or ” Constant Integrated Awareness” was introduced. Many examples from Bhagwan’s life and actions were presented to show how He operated from beyond the “Body – Mind”construct. Turning the mind to focus on the Atman, is a major “shift” that we should try to achieve with utmost sincerity.

    On the following Sunday, the discussion will focus on ways to “Manage the Mind” through Awareness of the Breath, Cleansing the mind, Turning it toward God. Jai Sai Ram!

    11/05/17 – Guidance to Western Devotees on the Mind

    We revisited  the characteristics of the mind, namely, “planning” and “mental chatter” and discussed some questions from the group. We also spoke of how Bhagawan operated from a different plane beyond the mind. His universal vision and selflessness are exemplary and His help to us, devotees, through His Life and teachings are most valuable.

    We discussed Bhagawan’s guidance to Western devotees on how the Mind uses the senses to compare with external environment and this again becomes a trigger for mental chatter and planning. 

    Bhagawan also explains that the Mind goes out to grasp thoughts and that they are material. In the next session, we will focus on Bhagawan’s prescription on how we can, “Manage the Mind”.

    Please see the entire compilation for this topic at:

    10/29/17 – “Body is like a Water bubble”, ” Mind is like a Mad Monkey”

    Bhagawan says – “Body is like a water bubble” and “Mind is like a Mad Monkey”. We tried to understand the import of this insight from Bhagawan.

    According to Bhagawan, two characteristics of the Mind “Aalochana” or “Planning” and  Sambhashana or “mental chatter” are constant, even unrelenting, especially, during stressful situations. We discussed this and agreed to observe the “mental chatter” during periods such as driving, eating our food and taking a shower, when the vacant mind, often times,  surfaces its hidden agenda.

    In the next session, we will dive deep into Swamiji’s guidance on another characteristic of the Mind, namely Comparison and read how He guided Western devotees in this regard!

    Topic: Master the Mind – Be a Master Mind 

    The session focused entirely on discussing Quotes from Bhagawan’s writings such as Sandeha Nivarini and Discourses, with a view to understand the Divine teachings and apply them in our lives so we can achieve the objective of: Managing the Mind which is truly a difficult task, but is critical as spiritual aspirants.

    The first session, focused on understanding the ” Antahkarana” or the Inner Equipment we’ve been endowed with. These include – the Mind, Consciousness, the Intellect and the Atma (Soul). We also discussed Bhagawan’s statements describing how these four, react to outer objects and circumstances, throwing a cover over clear vision, achieving their own work and pulling man away from Inner peace.

    We then discussed how the Mind is the “thinking aspect of the Absolute consciousness” and is derived from it. We also discussed the “vrittis” or activities that characterize the mind. The Mind is always unsteady and constantly flitting from one object to another.

    Based on these we made points around the fact that this concept of “Mine” is conjured up by the mind, for objects, people unknown until yesterday. Using examples from real life we discussed how attraction to objects can derail your objective or goal, as the Mind gets attracted suddenly through a sense organ.

    Conviction that control of outer events is possible drives us to fret and spend energy in that direction, while the mature aspirant knows that action is necessary while events are not in anyone’s control. The judgemental nature of the Mind, makes it stand in judgement f God too. Bhagawan Divinized everything and is beyond context, while the Mind constantly judges and contextualizes things.

    There was discussion on the senses, questions around whether or not this is a very depressive view of the world.

    The next session may focus on Characteristics of the mind – mainly Sambhashana (Mental Chatter) and Aalochana (Planning).


  • Bhajan of the week

    Deity: Devi
    Raag: Shankara
    Taal: Keherwa/Adi (8 beat)


    Jaya Jaya Jaya Jaya Ma
    Jagat Janani Shubha Karini [ (Ma) Jaya Jaya … ]
    Jagadodharini Sai Ma
    Jagat Paripalini Parvathi Ma
    Jagat Janani Shubha Karini


    We offer our obeisance to our Universal Mother who confers all that is Sublime and Auspicious. The Uplifter, the Administrator and the Mother of the Universe that is Parvathi, is also Sai Ma.

    Audio Link:


  • RSC Service Activities
    Date & Time Activity Details Locations
    Second Saturday (3:00PM – 5:00 PM) Pillow service & baby kit Pillow Service & baby kit project at  Kiran & Madhavi’s Place 7128 Misty Springs Court, Cary NC 27519. For signup please Click here
    Third Saturday (4:15 AM – 6:45 AM) Breakfast service Breakfast service serving about 130 people. For more information and sign up Click Here
    Fourth Sunday (3:45 PM – 5:00 PM) Sandwich service Sandwich service by SSE kids at HSNC
    Apr-1st, 3:30 PM to 5:00 PM Healthcare day 2018 – First meeting

    HSNC – room # 10

    Apr-7th, 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM Habitat for Humanity

    980 Skinner Dr, Raleigh, NC 27610

    Apr-28th, 8:00 AM to 10:00 AM Community Park cleanup Thomas Brooks Park, 9008 Green Level Church Road, Cary, NC 27519


  • SSE Classes run from September to May

  • Pre-SSE

    CLASS DATE: 04/15/2018 TEACHERS: Vanaja patti,  Chandran Thatha, Vasanthi aunty
    SUMMARY: Practice for Easwaramma Day ATTENDANCE: 18


    3 Oms, Gayatri, 

    Main topics:  


    Today we spent the whole time of our class by practicing our play. Patti asked our parents to come and watch our practice. That way they can help us to learn our part better. 


    Life application/Home work: 

    Please listen to the audio recording with your parents and practice.

    Note to Parents:    

  • SSE-Group1

    CLASS DATE: 3/18/2018 TEACHERS:   Jagruti,Aruna, Mansi

    We began the class with three Om’s and Class was followed by silent sittting .

    Main topic: Discipline

    We asked each one to tell their ‘Discipline of the week” and how they facesd different challanges in following that.



    • We started to work on “our reward sticker program”.We will observe three rules for our class for third quater.We will try to come at 3.30pm for class,We will do our SSE home work and we will follow  one discipline that each student has decided to follow for  the week.
    • We told stories about Hanuman.He is the perfect example of Five Ds .We shared Jambuvan bringing inner latent powers of Hanuman and how Hanuman faces mountain Maniks,Demon Surasa and Singarika.
    • we have started working on our Eshwaramma day drama.We will soon decide role play characters and team for upcoming SSE exhibition.

     Life application/Home work:

    Make sure to record everyday: “What I have done today to show my love to God”
    Daily night prayers and “Reflection”
    Don’t forget to write down at least three good deeds for this week.
    Reward sticker program-do not forget to do you Daily discipline practice for the week.

    Note to Parents

    Please help the children fill out this weeks activities: Day, date, reflection, and prayers. Assist them in writing what they have done today to show their love for God and their good deeds completed during the week. This can be done individually, or with the entire family, and this can become a beautiful family activity as well.

    Help them to complete their chosen Discipline everyday.

    Reminder-Parents we will be participating in sandwitch seva from 4.45 to 5.15 pm next sunday.


  • SSE-Group2


    CLASS DATE: 03/25/2018

    TEACHERS:Hitha Raj, Aditi Jain, Jalaja peechu


    Why do we celebrate srirama Navami

    ATTENDANCE: 19/24



    Class started with 3 oms

    regular prayers

    Atima was in the class to train students for the unison songs for the E-Day.

    story: we talked about the what is the meaning of Ra -ray of light . Ma – within.  A ray of light with in.

    very very powerful name Rama to be chanted.

    what is the meeting of Rama Navami 

    the day Rama was born in this earth. Vishnu avatar.

    why we celebrate Rama Navami 

    what is the importance of Rama Navami.

    we talked about Rama birth and Rama’ s swayam varam.

    how Rama was so much following the right conduct and how bold and courageous, honest, confident. Winning good over evil.

    we listen to the SWAMI’s singing Rama kodanda Rama 



    we practiced the play for Eswaramma day.

     Next week we will have  NOT HAVE THE SSE CLASS AS IT IS A EASTER WEEK END .


    April 15th. Is the last date to submit the sai samarpan article, please be support to your kid if they need it.

    April 21st  Sai aradhana day we have kids exhibition 

    they are presenting please come in large crowd to support the students.

    May 6th E -day 

    practice and recording is going on vigorously please be a great support thank you.

    please check your what’s app chat group for all the reminders.


    Life application/Homework:

    Read more about Rama and pick one of Rama’s great quality to follow for 2 weeks and share your experience in the class.

    1. Practice light meditation daily. . Observe yourself if you are carrying the love and light with you wherever you go. Come and share with us how did it help you

    2. Continue spreading golden hearts to yourself,people around you and to the environment.

    3.Please practice skit lines and be ready for next weeks practice session.

    4.Come and share with us how are you spending your quality time with God praying, singing, talking and loving.

    5. Practice being aware of time. Where is your precious time going and how is your quality time used.


    Note to Parents:

    we had a great parent teacher meeting 

    we discussed about how the time made an impact in students life for these 2 quarters. 

    Thank you for all the parents who were able to make it. We missed the parents who were not able to make it.

     1.Please encourage students to practice light meditation. 

    2..Please encourage children to be regular to the classes, also please be on time. 

    As you all know we are working on Time, we would love students be present by 3.25pm

    we need your help for students to be on time. 

    2.Have a family discussion about today’s class; what did they learn, what impacted them the most

    3..We humbly request you and your son / daughter to stay back for the Bhajan session whenever it is possible. Many of the group dynamics we are working on are connected to the center devotional session. We appreciate your time and commitment it’s a blessing to be part singing SWAMI’s Glory.


  • SSE-Group3

    CLASS DATE: 4/08/18 TEACHERS: Nalini, KK, Gangadher, Ardra
    SUMMARY: Game- Wheel of SAI ATTENDANCE: 16


    Beginning prayers led by students. Ganesha, Guru, Mata.  We also introduced multi faith prayers. Please have them learn them. Link to multi faith prayers audio link:

    General class guidelines. No cell phones and being respectful to each other.

    Main topics:

    We played a Game similar to wheel of fortune-    Every team spins and answers question in that category in two rounds followed by rapid fire questions.

    • Here is the link to wheel with categories : Wheel Of Sai
    • Link to the questions (answered included): Questions

    We then discussed ideas for SSE Exhibition. Below are tasks that they choose to take up.

    • Poster 1 Connecting to Swami within – Kanusha, Diya, 

    • Poster 2 Distractions (Internal and External)  and Riddles to solve – Sai Charon, Pranav, 

    • Poster 3 Life is Game. Similarities between Life and Game. Define – Harini. 

    • Circuit- Show when we are distracted using – Prem

    • Relay race. Script for To talk about attitude, skills, vision- Raj

    SSE Skit

    • Discussed skit and roles.
    • Skit will be sent to parents with roles, costumes by Monday.
    • Please help children practice.

    Note to Parents: 

    1. Sai Samarpan articles due tonight.
    2. Children volunteered for posters – due date next Sunday.
    3. Video recording of the skit – will be on April 15th 3pm to 6pm in Crab Tree park (weather permitting).
  • SSE-Group4

    CLASS DATE: 04/15/2018 TEACHER(S): Mouli and Meenakshi

    Planning for Eswaramma Day


    Main topic:

    Group 4 rotated among the other SSE classes to practice the SSE unison bhajans with instruments in preparation for Eswaramma Day.

    Throughout the week:

    Students are to work on the Earth Day presentation throughout the week.

    Note to Parents:

    Sairam Parents –

    Important dates to note…

    April 27th – SSE unison bhajan practice from 6:30 PM to 8: 30 PM at HSNC

    May 6th – Eswaramma Day at HSNC main hall


Young Adults (YA) Updates

  • None

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    Ramki Nagaraj


    Jaime Villegas

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    Nalini Dasana

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    Saideepa Subramanian

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    Gopal Somu

    YA Co-ordinator

    Yadavan Varatharajah

    If you have any questions, please email the respective office bearer. Click here to access their phone numbers (password protected). 

Thought for the Week


    Today is no different from yesterday. If you do good now, you will reap its benefits in future. So, sanctify your actions. Remember, immortality is not attained through action, progeny or wealth. It is attained only by sacrifice! The bliss you get from sacrifice is eternal. It is true wealth and can never diminish! To acquire such everlasting wealth, invest your time in the contemplation of God. Divinity must pervade all that you see, hear and feel. Love is the greatest wealth and treasure. Let every action of yours be filled with love. Love begets sacred rewards. Let the whole world be filled with love. Love alone can safeguard countries and make them prosperous. Live in the constant company of all-pervasive Divinity. Why fear when I am with you, in you and around you? If you have faith, God will protect you wherever you are!

    – Divine Discourse, Apr 14, 2001.