SSE group1

CLASS DATE: 4/17/2021, 4/18/2021

TEACHER(S): Aruna, Sunita, Jagruthi, Resmi 


Prayer- Gayatri Mantra 




CLASS Timings: The class meets every Saturday and Sunday at 11:00AM  on Google Meet until the current pandemic resolves. For  meeting details, please check our group Whatsapp or contact one of the teachers directly.

Lesson Plan:

This year we are focusing on Swami’s teaching of Unity is divinity, purity is enlightenment.

 Lesson of the day :

We are almost toward the end of SSE school year and so in this class we decided to review our learnings from the entire year. We did this in the form of games and quizzes. Children enjoyed them thoroughly and the best part was they remembered every detail of what was taught several months ago. We also had a session of Q&A- where children could ask questions or doubts that they had while practicing the value. 

Some of their questions were ( paraphrasing  the questions)- How does swami remove impurities from the food we eat? Why is the Gayatri Mantra named so? How can we control our thoughts with our breath? How old is swami? Does swami have any siblings? Have we (to teachers) seen swami? How do we talk to God? 

Children also shared their favorite topics/stories /experiments that they learnt in class. 

Life  Application :

Practice silence sitting  by focusing on breath before chanting Gayathri Mantra. Set aside a particular time for everyday prayers, appointment with God

 Continue chanting the food prayer, track your screen time and green time with the time  tracker.

Note to parents

Please encourage children to work on their Sai Samarpan articles

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