SSE group1

CLASS DATE: 03/17/2019 TEACHER(S): Jagruthi , Aruna and Sunita 

Introduced the types of Duty as swami taught : Social, Obligatory and family duties.



Started the class with 3 om’s. Did a breathing exercise and chanted the multifaith prayers

Main topic:  Duty

Lesson Plan:

The kids shared in class what duties and chores their parents did as children and then we talked about what Swami has told about duty. Swami has said that everyone has 3 types of duties – Social, Obligatory and Family duties. We talked about how each of these duties are important.

Shared a Chinna Katha about Duty is God :

Discussed why the lamp shone brighter when the lamp lighter did his duties chanting the name of the lord. Concluded that we should do our duties willingly, with commitment and as an offering to God.

The kids created a chart “What I am responsible for at Home” with a list of 3 duties that they will start practising from next week.



·       Putting shoes and school bag at their right places as soon as we come back home. Same for rest for family

·       Prayer before food

·       Follow your goal everyday

Note to Parents:

We are learning about Duty and importance of taking responsibility .Please help your child hang their “What I am responsible for at Home” chart in a place they can see and be reminded of everyday. 

Friendly reminder

  • Sai Samarpan article is to be submitted by March 23.
  • Help our children to achieve their goal of the week.