SSE group1

CLASS DATE: 10/20/2019 TEACHER(S): Jagruti, Aruna,, Sunitha, Resmi

Introduced the topic WATCH with focus on Watch your Words



Lesson Plan:

Started with 3 om’s, silent sitting focusing on the sound of om.

Practised 2 bhajans for Sai Madhuram next week.

The teachers did a skit in class about a florist who was thoughtless while talking to her customers and how she changed to correct her thoughtless comments. The kids were given styrofoam squares and asked to stick toothpicks on it whenever they recognized hurtful comments during the skit. 

We also showed them the video of a small boy who was asked to hammer nails on the fence whenever he got angry. Once he learnt to control his anger, he was asked to pull out the nails. Though he pulled out most nails, they still left a permanent mark on the fence. 

We discussed how just like the nails left permanant marks on the fence, our hurtful words also leave permanent scars on the people who hear our bad words. The kids then pulled out the toothpicks from the styrofoam squares and witnessed how they also had permanant holes caused by the thoughtless words in the skit.


Homework : Parents please continue to encourage your children to put Sairam chits in their WATCH box whenever they resist the temptation to use unpleasant words or if they have used sweet words