SSE group1

CLASS DATE: 1/13/2019TEACHERS: Aruna, Jagruti and Resmi  ATTENDANCE: 17


We started the class with 3 om’s, silent sitting followed by multi-faith prayer.

Main Topic: Discipline-

We discussed what was done in past two classes. We started the class with discussing following questions

What is Discipline?

Is it important to follow Discipline?

If yes then why is it important to follow Discipline?

Followed by interesting discussions we gave them examples of School / work place discipline, rules followed by each one’s family and few examples from our surroundings .We followed our discussion with quick experiment.


We instructed the class to sit quietly and not to leave their place till we come back to class.

We left the class alone for five minutes and were observing them from other side of entrance.After five minutes when we entered the class we asked them if they could follow the instruction of keeping quiet and sitting at the same place.Most of them could not.We discussed what was difficult and why they could not follow simple goal. We introduced them to concept of self control, and getting tempted .

Video Clip-We saw “Marshmallow experiment “clip:

Song practice:

Meenakshi led the songs practice session,  the songs children will be singing for Sai Madhuram day.

Boys-At your feet dear Lord we pray

Girls-Om Namo Bhagwathe Vasudevaya

Life application/home work

 Goal 1-Keep your shoes and school bag at right place.

 Goal 2– Do your SSE homework everyday.

Note to Parents: See Marshmallow experiment clipping together and ask them about experiment-doing right things when no one is observing you.

We are learning about self discipline.

Remind the kids about their daily journal/homework. We have three weeks before we convene for the next regular class  on Jan 20th.