SSE group1

CLASS DATE: 04/19/2020 TEACHER(S): Jagruthi, Aruna,,Sunita,Resmi

Unity of Thought Word and Deed

CLASS TImings: The class meets every Saturday and Sunday at 11:00AM on Zoom until the current pandemic resolves. For zoom meeting details, please check our group Whatsapp group or contact one of the teachers directly.

Lesson Plan:

We are introducing Swami’s teaching of WATCH. The word WATCH has an important message to convey.

WATCH means:

W – Watch your Words

A – Watch your Actions

T – Watch your Thoughts

C – Watch your Character

H – Watch your Heart

We have already discussed how we can watch our words and actions and now we are moving to watching your thoughts. This quarter we are discussing the power of thoughts and how we can develop positive thought. We are also discussing about unity of thought word and deed

Class notes for 04/19/2020

We reviewed what we have learnt so far. The kids recapped some of the stories we talked about and what we learnt from it. We discussed how its important  to have a positive thought, patience and perseverance to be successful and complete any task. We shared a story about Krishna, Arjuna and the poor brahmin. How the poor brahmin got god’s grace when he had a pure thought about saving the life of a fish and did it. We discussed how a pure thought followed up with good deed and words leads to Gods grace.. 

We also had the segment…..Skills and Thrills…….where kids showcase their talents each class. This week had 3 kids show us their talents.

Class notes for 04/04/2020

We introduced unity of thought word and deed today. We played a game of pointing to your eyes , nose and ears. Then we played switching up what eyes nose and ears means. For example when we say eyes, we try touching nose. We also saw a video about “Do we act as we speak”. The kids discussed how in the game and video, thoughts, words and deeds didn’t match up. The kids talked about how it was like lying and its not good if your actions didn’t match with your words and thoughts.

We also introduced a new segment…..Skills and Thrills…….where kids showcase their talents each class. This week had 3 kids show us their talents.


Class notes for 02/09/2020

As part of doing good deeds we discussed how we can show kindness to the environment by conserving water, electricity, food and avoiding pollution. 

We shared stories from Swami’s life of how Swami showed kindness . How he stopped rooster fights in the village, and stopped mistreating animals for races. How Swami asked a hunter to shoot only with the camera and How Swami used to carry water for his family and neighbors.

As part of watching your actions we are continuing the homework this week of using kind words and doing kind actions. We have also added not wasting food, water or electricity to our homework.

Class notes for 1/19/2020

The kids did an experiment in class using baloons to demonstrate how every action has an equal and opposite reaction. They then came up with common actions where we see equal and opposite reaction like walking and swimming.


Class notes for 1/12/2020

We watched a video in class on how echo resonates whatever you say. If we say good, the echo also returns good words and angry words return angry words. 

We also built a boomerang in class to see how it comes back to us when we throw it. We discussed how just like the boomerang comes back to us, our actions also come back to us. So we should be watchful of our actions.

We ended the class learning the bhajan Govinda Krishna Jai



Homework : Parents please continue to encourage your children to mark their journal every day if they have used Kind Words and did Kind Actions.