SSE group1

CLASS DATE: 11/04/2018 TEACHERS: Aruna and Sunitha
SUMMARY: wrapped up the topic Devotion ATTENDANCE: 14


We started the class with 3 om’s followed by multi-faith prayers.

Go Green talk: 

We gave children a brief overview on the Go Green initiative and how we are all gearing up to minimize and reduce the use of plastic and styrofoam in our day to day life. We suggested that they can use  reusable metal straws instead of plastic ones and metal spoons and forks instead of plastic spoons and forks.The tip of the month for parents is – to use reusable shopping bags for grocery shopping.

We also gave them a heads up to bring their own water bottles on Swami’s birthday celebration day.

Main Topic: Devotion

In the final segment on devotion we wanted to put it gently to the kids that things don’t always turn out to be the way we want them to be. Sometimes it seems as though our prayers are not being answered even after repeated requests to God. We told them that everything happens for a reason and every thing that happens is for our own good. To bring home the point, we narrated  a story of a King and his Minister. In the story the king looses his finger while hunting a leopard, the minister advises him not to worry because it happened for good. The king gets furious and orders to send the minister to prison. The minister continues to believe that his going to prison is also good for him. The next time around when the king goes for hunting he is captured by tribal people only to be given as a human sacrifice for their gods. Just about then someone among the tribe realizes that the king doesn’t have a finger and that he is defective and hence is unfit for sacrifice. He is then released and set free. The king then realizes that the minister’s word came true, loosing his finger in reality saved his life. He then asks the minister how being in prison turned out to be good for him. The minister says that had he not been in prison he would have accompanied the king for hunting, both of them would have been captured by the tribe,  the king since deemed unfit for sacrifice would have been set free but the tribal people would have then picked him up instead for sacrifice, and he wouldn’t have been alive today.

After an interactive discussion we concluded that it is during these uncertain times we need to hold on to faith even more strongly and keep our spirits high. We elaborated that it is during these times God is even more close to us, taking care of us because he knows that we can be sensitive and can feel sad and upset.


Then it was time for the long anticipated quiz.  Children enjoy this activity a lot and are always on their toes to come up with correct answers to make their team win. We divided the class into two teams, team Faith led by boys and team Devotion led by girls. We asked them a total of ten questions each on topics essentially from everything we have covered so far. And guess what our children knew the answers for every question, mind you some of them were tricky and needed to be thought through before answering. As teachers we are very impressed and proud of them. And it was a TIE! 

If any of the parents are interested to have a look at the quiz questions, we are happy to send you the file.

Song practice:

Then Anjana aunty led the songs practice session,  the songs children will be singing for swami’s birth day.

Garland project:

Our garland project is still in the making, but it began to take shape and we will take it up and finish it in the next class. A big thank you to all the parents for helping the kids with the cards.

Life application/Home work:

Please continue to encourage your child to write in homework  journals everyday. It is not mandatory but purely on the interests of the children. If anything it will only help them to be sincere, honest, punctual, responsible, thoughtful and creative, when they do the home work. We can say this with confidence only because we have seen it happen in front of our eyes with the children.  In the beginning when we started the concept of faith and love for God was rudimentary and so are their journal listings, but as we grew into the concept we believe that the children attained certain amount of clarity on the topic and so we expect that, as much as they can, children will be more specific and a bit more clear as to how faith in God shapes their everyday life. We talked to them extensively on how they can be specific in their writing. You might think  this is asking a lot out of them but we might be up for a surprise as to what potential they have in them. We as parents  can give them a nudge and casually ask them as how was their day like and if there was any instance where they remembered God and felt good. This way we can facilitate their thinking process, may be give some hints and clues along the way as to how to write . They are all doing a good job but some kids need guidance.

Note to Parents: We’ve told the kids to tell their parents the Go Green tip for the month, ask them to see what they have to say and what they have learnt about Go Green.

Remind the kids about their daily journal/homework. We have three weeks before we convene for the next regular class  on Dec 2nd.