SSE group1

CLASS DATE: 01/19/2020 TEACHER(S): Jagruthi, Aruna,, Sunitha, Resmi

Watch your actions for they come back to you



Lesson Plan:

Started with 3 om’s and prayers . Discussed the meaning of the prayers.

We did guided mediation for a few minutes based on the steps of light meditation

The kids did an experiment in class using baloons to demonstrate how every action has an equal and opposite reaction. They then came up with common actions where we see equal and opposite reaction like walking and swimming.

As part of watching your actions we are continuing the homework this week of using kind words and doing kind actions. 

We ended the class singing 2 bhajans.

Class notes for 1/12/2020

We watched a video in class on how echo resonates whatever you say. If we say good, the echo also returns good words and angry words return angry words. 

We also built a boomerang in class to see how it comes back to us when we throw it. We discussed how just like the boomerang comes back to us, our actions also come back to us. So we should be watchful of our actions.

We ended the class learning the bhajan Govinda Krishna Jai



Homework : Parents please continue to encourage your children to mark their journal every day if they have used Kind Words and did Kind Actions.