SSSE group1

CLASS  DATE: 4/10/2022

TEACHER(S): Aruna, Resmi, Sharanya, Sunitha.

         Value: Love

      Kindness towards nature (water conservation)

 Attendance: 15/37

Class of 4/10/2022

We began with 3 AUMs , chanted Sai Gayathri and Asathoma Sadgamaya followed by bhajan (

Followed by thumb meditation. We discussed  life application on water conservation and concluded lesson plan on water sense . Next, we talked about Easwaramma day celebration, why it’s celebrated as children’s day with cultural offerings by SSSE children and shared pictures of Easwaramma day celebration in Sai Centers around the world. We also talked about how it’s not just a presentation on stage but a humble offering filled with love and gratitude  to our dear Swami and mother Easwaramma and we discussed the importance of practice and how it helps build confidence when we put in sincere effort. We also narrated a Swami experience which explains how Swami always recognized sincere efforts.

Announcement: please follow the respective whats app group for Easwaramma day practice / recording sessions.

Life Application:  children will continue to fill the table they created in the previous class and see the changes as they get more mindful about water usage now.