CLASS DATE: 3/18/2018 TEACHERS:   Jagruti,Aruna, Mansi

We began the class with three Om’s and Class was followed by silent sittting .

Main topic: Discipline

We asked each one to tell their ‘Discipline of the week” and how they facesd different challanges in following that.



  • We started to work on “our reward sticker program”.We will observe three rules for our class for third quater.We will try to come at 3.30pm for class,We will do our SSE home work and we will follow  one discipline that each student has decided to follow for  the week.
  • We told stories about Hanuman.He is the perfect example of Five Ds .We shared Jambuvan bringing inner latent powers of Hanuman and how Hanuman faces mountain Maniks,Demon Surasa and Singarika.
  • we have started working on our Eshwaramma day drama.We will soon decide role play characters and team for upcoming SSE exhibition.

 Life application/Home work:

Make sure to record everyday: “What I have done today to show my love to God”
Daily night prayers and “Reflection”
Don’t forget to write down at least three good deeds for this week.
Reward sticker program-do not forget to do you Daily discipline practice for the week.

Note to Parents

Please help the children fill out this weeks activities: Day, date, reflection, and prayers. Assist them in writing what they have done today to show their love for God and their good deeds completed during the week. This can be done individually, or with the entire family, and this can become a beautiful family activity as well.

Help them to complete their chosen Discipline everyday.

Reminder-Parents we will be participating in sandwitch seva from 4.45 to 5.15 pm next sunday.