SSE group1

CLASS DATE: 04/14/2019 TEACHER(S): Jagruthi , Aruna, Sunitha and Resmi

Continued with Duty towards the environment and focused on the 3 Rs



Lesson Plan:

Discussed what we learnt in the previous classes about Duty especially our duty towards the environment. Talked about plastic pollution and its impact to the planet. Children came up with ideas on how they can use alternatives for commonly used plastic products – metal straws, metal cutleries, carrying reusable grocery bags, taking your own containers to carry out food.

We discussed how we can Reduce, Reuse and Recycle plastics so that plastic waste can be limited. Watched a presentation on how we can implement this. The class took a pledge of ” Environment resposibility starts with Me”

Demonstrated how we can repurpose newspaper to paper bags that can even be used as fancy gift bags. 



·       Do the chore selected as your responsibilty at home

·       Prayer before food

·       Follow your personal discipline goal everyday

Note to Parents:

We are learning about Duty and importance of taking responsibility .Please help your child hang their “What I am responsible for at Home” chart in a place they can see and be reminded of everyday. 

Friendly reminder

  • Help our children to achieve their goal of the week.