CLASS DATE: 09/09/2018 TEACHER(S): Nirmala, Mouli and Meenakshi

First day of SSE


Main topic:

The first 30 minutes of class, Group 4 had an “intro to Group 4” meeting with all the parents and students. The meeting was followed by introductions of all the students to each other. Each student shared a little bit about themselves and what they did this summer. The main objective of this first class was to discuss potential service activities allowing the new students to begin acclimating to the Group 4’s class format respectful, open discussions.

During the Week:

Read up on what Swami says devotion is. Think about what it means in the context of your own life. What under the umbrella of devotion can we practice regularly in our own lives? We will have a discussion in class based on what you all find during the week, so come prepared to lead the discussion.

Note to Parents:

Sairam Parents –

We, the Group 4 teachers, really enjoyed getting to meet all of you this past Sunday. We look forward to a wonderful year with His grace.