CLASS DATE: 12/02/2018 TEACHER(S):  Mouli and Meenakshi

Preparing for YA & G4 Mini Retreat

ATTENDANCE:  9 out of 13

Main topic:

This week Group 4 started class with the main topic of preparing for the YA & G4 mini retreat. The class discussed the four topics allocated for the retreat and how they were applicable to each of our lives. After this, the Sai-inspiration presentations were briefly introduced. Then class was wrapped up with a debriefing session on the two speakers we had prior to break: Shashank Shah and Ravi Mariwalla.

During the Week:

Conscious practice of dedicating any and all tasks to Swami.

Note to Parents:

Sairam Parents –

We will not have SSE the following weeks…

Dec. 9th – Due to Saturday’s YA & G4 mini retreat

Dec. 23rd – Christmas break

Dec. 30th – New Years break


We encourage parents and students to continue to discuss the topic of devotion throughout the week at home and consciously practice as a family.

We ask Swami to guide us all as we contemplate on and practice devotion.

Jai Sai Ram!

-Group 4 Gurus