Bhajan of the week

Deity: Sai
Raag: Bageshri

Taal: 8 Beat / Keherwa / Adi

Daya Karo Hey Karuna Nidhan Sai
Tum Ho Daata Daya Karo
Tum Ho Sai Krupa Karo
Prabhu Tum Sai Antaryami
Parthi Puri Bhagawan (2)
Tum Ho Daata Daya Karo [ Tum Ho… ]





Oh Lord Sai, the treasure house of Grace and compassion, kindly bless us with Your mercy. You are the ever-giver, please bestow on us Your mercy. Oh Lord Sai, You are the indweller of hearts. Oh resident of Parthi, bestow on us Your grace and mercy.

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