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1.  SSE Group 3 Archives


We started with beginning prayers & recap of previous topics: Follow the Master, Face the Devil, Fight till the end, this class was how can we finish the game.

We shared a picture and few prompts that students had to discuss and present.

  • What are your comments on the picture? 
  • What makes a person impure while growing?
  • Do you think of any story/incident related to purity and innocence?
  • Think of a caption for the picture above.
  • What does the child get from God


  • Child showed pure devotion in the picture
  • Peer pressure, exposure to the world, being judged pollute devotion as we grow
  • Students shared lot of stories where the outside world did not influence their devotion (Meera, Prahalada, Kannappa, Sai Geeta..)
  • If we can establish & maintain that pure connection to Swami, then Swami will help finish the game by being with us every step of our fight against the devils
  • What are your connections to Swami: Prayers, chanting, service, music, letters


We started with beginning prayers & recap of previous topics: Follow the Master, Face the Devil, this class was what Fight till the end means.

We divided students into 5 breakout rooms, each room was given a category. They had to  discuss & present.

  • Discuss what does Follow the Master, Fight till the end mean in the context given to you
  • Obstacles you will or might face and how to overcome them.
  • Discuss with Examples and inspirations from own/role models. 
  • How can you keep yourself motivated


  • Sports\Martial arts: 
  • Singing: 
  • Instrument: 
  • Academics: 
  • Dance: 


  • Each team presented, overall, all the obstacles\devils identified in each category were 80% internal to us 20% are external 
  • Internal enemies keep coming back (example procrastination, anger, fear) so the fight against them or practice or sadhana is continuous
  • Since most of them are internal, effort has to be made by us
  • We shared a funny story told by Swami about internal enemies coming back.


  • We have to be grateful for the learning opportunities each of us has. No one questions, why me for talents they have, so it is our duty to do justice for talent\opportunities Swami has given us.
  • We have to follow our master, Swami our conscience, listen to his teachings to keep ourselves motivated
Feb 14th 

We started with beginning prayers.

Inter faith food drive- Feb community leads confirmed 

Recycling project- student presented in group 2 today

Group 3 Tutoring – 3 Grp 1 students paired. 2 tutors started on Friday, one to start on Monday

Valentine day pre sse presentation & Tutoring experience sharing

Experience sharing: We discussed last week’s fight with the devil (fear and anger) with respect to recent activities (Valentine day program and Tutoring).

  • Did you have a fear of failure: Students said, yes because they did not know what & how to do it.

  • How did you overcome it? Understand the audience’s needs, plan what to present, practice it many times, put love and effort into it. 

  • Good vs Bad fear: Good fear helped practice many times and be prepared before the event.
  • Did you doubt yourself even before the event: Yes. Prayer to the rescue

Fear of failure goes down when you have to take up the same activity again, but many opportunities in life come only one time, so don’t let the fair stop you. Take up the challenge but plan, practice, pray & you can do it with Swami by your side. 

  We reviewed the SMART goals and added what % do they think they were successful for the month of Jan & Feb. We discussed what they are doing to improve & tips to help them.

    • FEBRUARY 7TH , 2021:

      We started with beginning prayers & going over service project updates

      Inter faith food – Feb community leads signup

      Recycling project- student presented research on this topic

      Group 3 Tutoring – 2 tutors & students finalized (schedules & pairing)

      Valentine day pre sse presentation- program finalized


      We discussed, why Fear is a devil we need to fight?

      Good fear – regulates us. Examples: fear of becoming obese makes us avoid junk food, fear of low grades makes us focus more.

       Bad fear – Fear of failure, fear of rejection, fear of losing friends, fear of public speaking, fear of appearance, fear of unknown, fear of God.

      Fear arises from
      1. Ignorance – Half knowledge

      2. Not able to see clearly

      3. Considering ourselves weak

      4. Thinking we are not complete

      Leads to Worry => Stress => dimmed discrimination => unethical behavior

      How to face the fear?

      1. Effort: Manage time, put full effort to gain knowledge and skills

      2. Affirmation: I am complete and full

      3. Trust: Why fear when I am here says Baba

      4. Faith: Take refuge in God – My swami can turn things from any situation. 

      This requires continuous practice.


    • JANUARY 31ST, 2021:

      We started with beginning prayers & going over service project updates

      Inter faith food – Jan donations

      Recycling project

      Group 3 Tutoring

      Valentine day pre sse presentation


      We discussed, why is Anger a devil we need to fight? Physical & emotional problems it creates.

      Students gave, examples from mythology, history, contemporary situations of anger that caused damage

      “Follow the Master” & hear from our Swami what to do to face this devil, anger. 

      4 Tips to help Control Anger given by Swami- Video we watched 

      We discussed effective way of communication when angry with some scenarios (at home, school)

      Life Application: Have a log how many times got angry in a day, how many times you were able to manage it with  tips from the video.

    • JANUARY 24th 2021 :

      We started the class with beginning prayers.

      Student leads presented their E-day program idea to the class.

      We reviewed monthly food drive donations collected by community leads.


      We showed students 4 pictures and asked them to come up with Swami quotes they can think of. We got many quotes like Why fear when I am here. You take one step, I will take 100 steps etc. Students also gave the quote that is intro to the topic: Follow the Master, Face the Devil, Fight to the End, Finish the game.

      We discussed, Who is the Master that Swami is asking us to follow, Is that Master always with us to ask questions and guide, we shared example of Arjuna & Krishna where master was always there to guide, Swami students who always had Swami physically to guide. But current situation who is this master? Students concluded it is our conscience.

      Conclusion: Master is Swami & he is our conscience. Learn from his life and teachings. Also train to tune into your inner voice. Goal of SSE is to raise students with clean and clear conscience

      We discussed, What is the Devil we have to face? Students gave many examples like internal enemies, anger, lethargy, fear of failure, thought -inability to take up as they think tasks are huge, stress, anxiety, fear of public speaking….  

      We ended the class to make an effort to listen to our conscience and we will learn how to face the devils they mentioned in the subsequent classes.

    • JANUARY 17th 2021

      Session 2: Learn good & get Inspired from others lives. Students presented many inspiring real life experiences they learned from the interviews. 

      New service project proposal & plan was reviewed with students.

      Update on existing service projects progress.

      Valentine’s day, E-day idea discussion & plan.


      We had parent teacher meeting @ 3:30pm. It was very encouraging to see 99% parents join, provide feedback and listen to the student presentations.

      During Christmas break, students were asked to conduct interviews of their grand parents, uncle/aunty etc to Learn good & get Inspired from others lives. Students presented to both teachers and parents many inspiring real life experiences they learned from the interviews. 

      Whom did you interview?

      What did they aspire to achieve in their lives

      What were the struggles/hurdles they faced & how they overcame them

      What did you learn from them?

      How will you bring these lessons into your own life to practice?

    • December 20, 2020

      Today’s was last class on Oneness topic

      Analogy: Showed students many lamps that were not lit except one. All of the others were lit using the one lamp, post which students cannot identify the one that was used to lit them all. Message: Everything is spark of the divine, but we forgot our source. 

      We played a Ted Ed video on the discovery of Higgs Boson aka God particle and Higgs field. Quantum physics shows God particle is one that is giving energy to all, the Higgs boson field pervades whole universe that we cannot see but gives mass to the particles. 

      We then watched Q&A with Swami on this same topic asked by his students and we dwelled upon Swami’s message for us and Life application. 

      Life Application:

      From Swami’s message: How to gain confidence, I am God

      Life Application

          • Mindful living: Always think before every action about the source of the energy (consciousness in you) example
          • When you play instrument – hands moving, memory- attribute to that God/energy in you.
          • When eating, drinking, studying – attribute it to the God/energy in you
          • When you see nature (Water, flowers, fruits)- attribute to the energy (same consciousness in all)
          • Practice God qualities- kindness, compassion, love.

      Class presentation

    • December 13, 2020

      We started with prayers, had an icebreaker (make a wish for someone else this Christmas, what will that be and for whom). Students mentioned well being on front line workers, everyone who lost family members or jobs during the pandemic.

      Based on last class, students were supposed to set SMART goal to practice from now thru next Swami birthday, monitor and track it. Each student shared their goal and we discussed how to track & measure progress while practicing them. We will share the goals with parents so they can help as well.

      We had open discussion about: Oneness with nature

          1. What are the 5 elements how are they connected to you?
          2. How can you respect nature through your actions?
          3. Can you share some rituals/customs that keep reminding us that nature is God
    •  December 6, 2020

      We started with prayers, had an ice breaker (number of dishes you had on Thanksgiving meal) This led to being thankful & our Inter Faith food drive progress, contributions for Nov and plan for Dec. We narrated two stories that Swami shared during a discourse about 1) Story showing how one bad habit can take you down like while digging a well 2) Story showing how one good habit can take you up like while constructing a wall. Activity time: Students were divided into 5 break out rooms & asked to pick one bad habit & tell with example how it leads to many more and 2) pick one good habit show examples how it helps build yourself. Students presented for bad habits: procrastination, lying, wasting time, laziness, too much device time. for good habits: self confidence, Discipline (twice), doing our duties, positive self talk We talked about these good habits in terms more SMART goals. We also discussed different means to learn good virtues: Stories, experience from others, parents, teachers, Swami. To help more learning, we have asked them to Interview their grandparents, uncles/aunts or anyone to get to know their lives and get inspired. Goal: Students have to pick one good habit for Swami’s birthday, parent’s birthday or even their own birthday to start practicing. Students prepare & present their thoughts on Oneness with Nature/Universe in next class.

      Summary of the discussion & class presentation 

    • November 8, 2020

      Students watched a video as homework, they discussed in breakout rooms and presented to the class their thoughts.

      Summary of the discussion & class presentation 

      Thought Vibrations -What are you broadcasting?

          • Your intentions/emotions positive or negative are creating vibrations around you and also attracting similar vibrations from the universe
          • A negative emotion/thought impacts you first before it reaches the other person.
          • Positive affirmations and thoughts are the key for the success.

      Word Vibrations 

          • Masaru Emoto experiments on impact of vibrations created by words.
          • There is relation between sound vibration and the form it takes.
          • CERN (Geneva) experiment on atom vibrations and form.
          • Watch your words, use them wisely.
          • Do not raise your voice to prove your point.
          • Most of the time, the tone (how you say) is more important than the message (what you say)

      Deed Vibrations 

          • Do more and more deeds to show Love, Compassion, Kindness round the clock. 
          • These deeds generate highest vibrations for person doing the act, receiving & watching/hearing the act. We discussed how we get emotional while watching a scene in the movie.
          • Self Love
          • Service at home
          • Community service     
    • November 1, 2020

      After invocation prayers we started with an ice breaker, reviewed food drive service and communications on google hangouts

      Today topics

      1) We played Kahoot that covered quarter 1 topics. 

      2) we had students divided into 8 breakout groups, gave each grp one topic to discuss for 15mins. Each grp presented the summary of their discussion to the class.

          • Grp 1: Open minded (what is it, how it helps, how to practice, qualities of person with open mind)
          • Grp 2: Learning things faster  (brain hormones, how it helps, tips, practice)
          • Grp 3: What is unity in worldly sense and in spirituality (examples of diversity, unity, practice)
          • Grp 4: Who is dear to God (devotee, qualities, practice)
          • Grp 5: Purity (define, why is it important, how to purify, practice)
          • Grp 6: 4 Qualities for pure heart (what are they, example scenarios, practice)
          • Grp 7: Bad company (define, examples, how to handle, practice)
          • Grp 8: Stress & Anxiety (what, when, how, practice, tips)
          • Grp 8: Science behind sacred sounds (sounds & vibration exp, sacred sounds, how they help, sounds and water, practice)

      Please find link to the class presentation.

      Home work:

    • October 25, 2020

      After invocation prayers we started with an ice breaker, reviewed food drive service and communications on google hangouts

      Today we discussed about

      1) What rituals in Navratri are meant to help see divinity in all

      2) What is Anxiety, what symptoms do they notice & when does anxiety kick in

      3) Three tips to overcome anxiety. These 3 tips have to be practiced daily.

          • Sit in a comfortable position (on chair/ground), close your eyes and chant OM 3 times, with each OM imagine a circle of protection forming on top of your head
          •  With eyes closed Chant Gayathri mantra 3 times, with each chant imagine a circle of protection forming around your body
          • Positive Self talk –  talk to Swami in your heart, Swami please help me put my best effort and take ownership of the result

      4) Sounds & frequency impact on matter and water

      5) Science behind scared sounds and how they help curb anxiety

      Grp 3 had Swami birthday bhajan today. Please find link to the class presentation.

      Class notes for previous classes can be found here.

    • October 3, 2020

      As class we dwelled deeper into what does oneness mean? what is the definition of Unity per Swami. Black Lives Matter was a topic to discussed & examples to help identify oneness in diversity.

      What does unity mean? It is not the combination of many; it is the realization of oneness. Satya Sai Baba

       Please find link to the class presentation.

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2.  SSE-Group3

CLASS DATE: 3/14/21 TEACHER(S):  Nalini, Gangadhar

SUMMARY:  Experience Unity thru Service 



We started with prayers. We had discussed earlier different ways to experiencing Unity, Service is one way that we all agreed. While Group 3 is participating in many service projects (Inter Faith Food Shuttle, SAI Tutoring, Group 1 buddy, Go Green & Recycle), one group 3 student came up with 2 more service projects for our group

  1. School Attire Initiative- This service is to gather new and gently used clothes and donate it to School going kids from underprivileged families and children living in low income communities.
  2. Sai Happy Readers: This service is about collecting books, which include story books, workbooks, text books, and School supplies and donating them to non profit organizations. These organizations are working towards providing maximum literacy resources to everyone including low income families and under funded schools. By doing this we are giving equal resources for most kids in those communities for learning.

We reviewed eday program framework & student leads 


We started with prayers.

Today’s class was dedicated to discuss eday drama ideas. We read thru compilation of Swami’s discourses.

Click Here for Previous Class Notes 

Note to Parents:

Please encourage students to follow (virtual) class best practices.

Students were asked to participate in their academic/extra curricular activities with enthusiasm to see the difference in learning process. If possible discuss this topic as a family.

Do not give yourself too much importance. Be less self centered

  • Take time to socialize (in person)to identify oneness. Set goal for without digital device time.
  • Listen when people are talking, make an eye contact during a conversation and be respectful.
  • Get to know someone you don’t like. Try to guess why someone is the way they are. Be kind to someone who gets on your nerves.
  • Accept your mistakes 
  • Look out for service at home & community. Service starts at home.
  • Notice every time you are judging someone, this is a first step towards realizing oneness
  • Consciously remind yourself , the same Divinity is present in the person, bug, tree you come across.
  • Be confident, you are divine, same divinity is in you as well. Give this affirmation to yourself everyday morning, Turn on video in zoom, you are beautiful/handsome 🙂
  • Develop qualities of pure heart Karuna (compassion), Muditha (appreciation), Mytri(friendship), Upeksha (disinterestedness).
  • Do not raise voice against your parents to prove you are correct.



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