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1.  SSE-Group4

CLASS DATE:  May 2nd 2021
TEACHER(S):  Mouli and Nirmala Aunty

Group 4 Class Activities and Presentations, Final Class for 2020-2021 SSE Year



Main topic:

AGAIN, THANK YOU GROUP 4 SSE STUDENTS AND PARENTS FROM GROUP 4 TEACHERS ON YOUR SURPRISE VISITS OVER THE LAST WEEKEND!  INCREDIBLY THOUGHTFUL AND WE GREATLY APPRECIATED IT!   For the class on MAY 2nd,  we provided a brief update and status of SAI Tutoring Project for Durham elementary schools, Women’s shelter Dinner service status for May 7th, a discussion and request for G4 volunteers for potential Summer SSE Programs and completing the SSE Survey, and Eshwaramma (EA) Day update.  The Group 4 Presentation for EA Day will include a Year-in-Review of key virtual activities along with the graduation videos of our 9 graduating high school seniors.  The EA Day Program for Raleigh Sai Center will be on Thursday May 6th from 6-8:30pm. We hope all SSE Group 4 students and parents can attend the virtual program. In conclusion, we would like to sincerely thank our Group 4 students and parents for their support during this year.  Thank You  & Jai Sai Ram!

Note to Parents:

Sairam Parents –

Group 4 will continue to do virtual classes and our next class, and final class for this SSE year was today, Sunday, May 2nd.

-Group 4 Gurus

Jai Sai Ram!

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