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1.  SSSE-Group4


CLASS DATE: September 10th, 2023 – 1st Group 4 class 2023-2024 SSSE Year

TEACHER(S): Mouli Uncle, Vini Aunty, Haritha Akka


Group 4 SSSE Class for 2022-2023 Year


      17 (12 Girls, 5 Boys)

Sairam to all!
Summary of welcome session with students.
17 students were in attendance
Class started with 3 oms and prayer to Swami to join the class.
Introductions first by gurus and then by students were done.
Each of us also talked about the highlights of our summer and one challenge we would like to overcome.
List of the challenges mentioned by the students were as follows:
Managing school and social life in a balanced manner
Practice detachment
Not comparing, eliminate self-doubt, evoke self confidence
Not getting stressed about college
Stop getting stressed
Exerting more Self love
Procrastinate less
Love self more
Time management
Procrastination/ time management
Practice Critical thinking, assess for one self, not be influenced by others.
No distractions
Get motivated, procrastinate less
Avoiding Distractions

Presentation on last year’s activities were highlighted:
(Slides will be forwarded into the WhatsApp Group)
New Concepts proposed for this year:
Teams for Devotion, Service and Education/ enrichment were formed.
Team leads are all seniors –
Samhitha, Saanvi and Deepa will lead the Service wing for the next 2.5 months
Anjana, Akshara, Harshitha and Akshaya will lead the Devotional wing
Pranav and Ashwik will lead the enrichment team.
Purpose of the different wings is to develop comfort around each of the wings Swami has established.
They will switch to a new wing in 2.5 months.
The team proposes and develops programs and projects for that time period and executes it in agreement with team nembers and all teams are included in that plan to participate in activities.
Examples- service project selection
Propose G4 program for Avatar Decl Day. and Swami’s Birthday
Bringing in guest speakers and requests.
for topic discussions.

This year, students were do peer presentations in front of their class on topics that they choose and think is relevant in their lives.

We are also offering 1:1 mentorship for each student to connect with one teacher to assist them in times of need

Class ended with Om and 3 Shanthis!
Jai Sai Ram 🙏

Note to Parents:

Sairam Parents –

Next class is Sunday September 24th as we meet every other week in Group 4.  Please reach out to any of the Group 4 Teachers if you have any questions, thanks.

-Group 4 Gurus

Jai Sai Ram!



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