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1.  SSSE-Group4


SaiRam All!  

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2024!  May Swami continue shower his blessings upon you!

For the January 7th class, we had 12 girls, and 6 boys attend.  Teachers for January 7th Class – Mouli Uncle Vini Aunty & Haritha Akka.

The agenda and key topics/discussions/presentations in class are described below:

  • 3 OM’s, Swami Prayer
  • Each Group 4 sub-group (Devotion, Service, Enrichment) provided a quick update of activities.
  • Devotion Team (assist in Eshwaramma Day Planning and Committee Assignments – Total of 9)
  • Service Team (assist in planning and details to support Womens Shelter Dinner committed for Sunday January 28th evening
  • Enrichment Team is planning a Sports Day in April, details like date and which groups will be involved are in progress.
  • Next, the Group 4’s continued and completed the interactive workshop on Conflict Management, where teachers provided specific examples for students to select and then had them discuss, review and come up with resolutions in the class.
  • Student Led vs. Teacher Led Presentations:
    • Group 4 students are continuing to do peer presentations in front of their class on topics that they choose, and think is relevant in their lives. 
    • We have now had 5 Presentations conducted by Group 4 students –> Akshara (‘Actions Speak Louder than Words’), Vishu (‘Time Management’), Samhitha (‘Discipline’), Harshitha (‘Avoiding Comparison, – Learning to Appreciate Yourself’) and Ananya (‘Positive Attitude’).  Every class we will try to have 2 Group 4 presenters, present for 10 minutes followed by interactive Q&A.  Group 4 teachers have provided a presentation template for the students to follow.  All presentations must include specific quotes and lessons from SWAMI.
    • Each Presentation was videotaped and sent to each Group 4 student who presented for their personal review and to identify areas of improvement in public speaking. 
    • Presenter this week was Saanvi.  Throughout the SSSE year the following Group 4 students have presented – Akshara, Vishu, Saipreeti, Arnav, Samhitha, Harshitha, Hansika.  The rest of the students will be presenting throughout classes in 2024.
  • We started on a new interactive workshop on “Handling and Overcoming Rejection”.   We asked each student to provide an example of a Rejection they went through, how they handled at the time, and how they would handle differently at this time.  Group 4 peers were able to provide each other good feedback.   Many Swami quotes on the topic were reviewed as part of the workshop.
  • Updated Student Saadhanas and Challenges to overcome worksheet was re-sent to students incorporating the ability to add specific New Years Resolutions.

Class ended with Om, 3 Shanthis & then Snacks.

Jai Sai Ram!


Note to Parents:

Sairam Parents –

In December, Students requests a ‘movie day’ to enhance team bonding. We will host at Raman Residence a Movie afternoon on Saturday January 20th.  We’ve asked students to vote on what movie they wish to watch. The movie day is in lieu of the January 21st class.  More details will follow next week, thanks.

-Group 4 Teachers.

Jai Sai Ram!



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