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1.  Seniors Corner

Seniors group (NEW!):

Welcome to Seniors corner!

With Swami’s grace we have started our Senior’s group with active participation from our seniors.  Meetings are held every Thursday in the afternoon.  Please email: seniors@raleighsaicenter.org if you would like to have our senior(s) join the group.

Seniors are getting together virtually every Thursday for an hour and discussing topics related to Swami’s teachings.  Last Thursday, an in-person meeting was held at HSNC to start their first service project on “Beads”.  Beads are distributed to seniors for Gayathri chanting.  Later bracelets will be made with the chanted beads.  Rex Hospital has agreed to distribute the bracelets to their patients.

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Aradhana Mahotsavam 2021 – Spiritual Practices and Regional celebrations (NEW!)

Om Sri Sai Ram.
We are blessed and fortunate to be part of the sacred, divine mission of Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba. We Raleigh Sai center devotees are blessed to observe ten days of Sadhana for 2021 Aradhana Mahotsavam and participate in serving older adults from Cumberland county with an offering of fruits  every month from Swami’s Aradhana day.  Please join Tapovanam sessions at in Zoom starting at 6:30 PM this week until Friday 
Region 3 celebrations on Saturday 24th between 6:30 AM – 3 PM EST at: http://www.sairegion3youtube.org
 Let us pray to Swami to bless us all with devotion and dedication to love Him and serve Him forever.  


Sairam all!
It’s the time of the year, where children do their offering to Swami in the form of an article to the *SSE Children’s Magazine* of our center, Sai Samarpan, Please read the instructions in this link for uploading and submit by *25th April:*

Please refer previous Sai Samarpan links here :  https://raleighsaicenter.org/sse/ (scroll down at the end of the page)

Pediatric Clinic Food Distribution Project (NEW!):

This project involves distributing grocery bags to Lincoln Community Health Center Pediatric Clinic’s families in need. Any identified family visiting the pediatric clinic who is facing food insecurity will be given a grocery bag filled with dry/canned goods as well as a list of local food resources in the Durham area.

With Swami’s grace, this weekly Sunday service project currently supported by Pre-SSE and Group 1 is opening to all members of our Sai Center.

Signup sheet has instructions and Grocery list.

Easwaramma day (NEW!):
Sairam Everyone,
With Swami’s immense grace, we are happy to inform you that the SSE team – students, teachers and parents – is coming together to offer our love and respect to our Beloved Bhagawan and Divine Mother Easwaramma. The virtual program will be relayed on the auspicious day, May 6th, 2021 from 6 – 8:15 pm. Please mark your calendars to tune in to the virtual program to watch the wonderful learnings from SSE, this year. Please see the flyer for additional details.
Parthi Pilgrimage program (NEW!) Starting on the 24th April on Aradhana day ending on Memorial day (Mandatory registration ends this Thursday the 22nd) Register before April 22nd by clicking here. No registrations will be accepted after April 22nd. By registering, you are making a commitment to walk, run or bike every day from April 24th – May 28th. Once we receive your registration, we will assign you to a team. Each team will jointly cover a distance of 317 miles (634,000 steps) per day.

Starting April 24th, please log your steps or miles daily at https://www.challengerunner.com/Signin.

We will combine the miles of all members in a team to track each team’s progress. Towards the end of the journey, if any team is lagging behind, other teams will donate their excess steps / miles to help all of us reach our destination. Remember this is not a race, it is a united offering of love to our dear Lord.

For instructions on registration, click here.

For questions, email parthi.pilgrimage@gmail.com or call 703-594-7568

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