General Announcements

  • A) Guru Poornima celebrations – 2022 (Kindly mark your calendars!)
    1. July-13th, Wednesday – Bhajans 6:30 to 8:00 PM at HSNC cultural hall rooms 3,4,5 & 6
    2. July-17th, Sunday Guru Poornima offering – Program schedule details are available in the flyer 

    Please  RSVP at:

    B) July – 03 – 2022 Center activities  :

    1. Setup: 3:15 PM to 4:00 PM
    2. Study Circle: NO Study Circle 
    3. Open Bhajan Practice : 4:00 PM to 5:00 PM 
    4. Open Bhajans: 5:00 PM to 6:00 PM 


    RSC Library:

    • The Vahinis Online, written by Sri Sathya Sai Baba
    • See list of books available. If you would like to borrow a book, please contact Prabhakar at or text 919-561-3465, listing the name(s) of the Book(s) interested in borrowing and the time and date you would like to pick up. Address: 1961 Weaver Forest Way, Morrisville. Anyone wishing to return a currently borrowed book, can drop off the book at the front door box. Please write your full name on a piece paper and put it in back of the book. Sairam! 

    Power of Prayer
    It is good to remember Swami’s guidance to remain calm in all situations. We need to follow the guidance of our national and local medical and infectious disease experts. We should remember that prayers are very powerful. The Sai Gayatri mantra as well as the Gayatri mantra is being chanted by Sai devotees around the world for the welfare of humanity. Let us all be united and pray with intensity as often as possible. This is an important spiritual practice which can alleviate this global health threat due to the Coronavirus.  


  • Sai Center Activities Schedule

    Center Activities on Sunday (HSNC Class room #  3, 4, 5 and 6)

    Setup: 3:15 PM to 4:00 PM

    Study Circle: NO Study Circle 

    Bhajan Practice : 4:00 PM to 5:00 PM 

    Open Bhajans: 5:00 PM to 6:00 PM


  • Bhajan of the week

    Deity: Sai
    Raag: Bageshri

    Taal: 8 Beat / Keherwa / Adi

    Daya Karo Hey Karuna Nidhan Sai
    Tum Ho Daata Daya Karo
    Tum Ho Sai Krupa Karo
    Prabhu Tum Sai Antaryami
    Parthi Puri Bhagawan (2)
    Tum Ho Daata Daya Karo [ Tum Ho… ]





    Oh Lord Sai, the treasure house of Grace and compassion, kindly bless us with Your mercy. You are the ever-giver, please bestow on us Your mercy. Oh Lord Sai, You are the indweller of hearts. Oh resident of Parthi, bestow on us Your grace and mercy.

    Video Link:



  • RSC Service Activities
    * June 2022 -Fresh Fruit brown bag service 
    Monthly fresh fruit brown bag service to support Cumberland county council on older adults in Fayetteville, NC . Please drop off items at 248 Hillard Forest Drive, Cary by  Sunday  June 26th by 12pm.
    * June 2022 -Breakfast supplies to support Raleigh Men’s shelter 
    Monthly breakfast supplies to support Raleigh Men’s shelter. Please drop off items at 248 Hillard Forest Drive, Cary on Friday June 17th by 7pm so volunteers can deliver to shelter next day morning.

      To participate in other active service projects, please see list below.

    Service name and Date/time Service Activity Details Locations & Sign up
    IFC Sunday Food Service (Every alternate Sunday)   Preparing Dinner at Volunteer homes & Dropping it off at Inter-Faith Council for Social Service(IFC) at Carrboro, NC by 1 PM

     IFC address: 100 W. Main St. Carrboro, NC

    Please click here to sign up for Sunday.

    IFC Thursday Food Service (Every alternate Thursday) Preparing Dinner at Volunteer homes & Dropping it off at Inter-Faith Council for Social Service(IFC) at Carrboro, NC by 3 PM.

    IFC address: 100 W. Main St. Carrboro, NC

    Please click here  to sign up for Thursday.

    SAI Tutoring Program


    Volunteers provide weekly one to one tutoring via Zoom to an underserved elementary school student from the Durham Public School district. The focus is on ELA and math enrichment and also providing mentorship.


    NOTE: Please contact if you are interested in getting involved.

    Growing Sai’s Love – Garden project


    RSC’s pilot program Growing Sai’s Love to help our Sai Community members get more self-reliant by learning to grow their own fresh, healthy vegetables, fruits, flowers, in their backyard. Members can also use these for service and center activities.


    NOTE: Please contact service coordinator if you would like to participate in this service.

    Raleigh Men’s shelter Breakfast service – Supplies


    Monthly Breakfast service on 3rd Saturday to support Raleigh Men’s Shelter. Please drop off items at 719 McRae Rd, Cary on 3rd Friday of the month by 7pm so volunteers can deliver supplies at the shelter on Saturday morning.



    NOTE: Due to COVID, at this time we are only supplying materials/ingredients.

    Recycling project

    Recycling project that involves used batteries, medication(s), small electronics and bulbs.  NOTEPlease contact service coordinator if you would like to participate in this service.

    Pediatric Clinic Food Distribution Project


    This bi-weekly project involves distributing grocery bags to Lincoln Community Health Center Pediatric Clinic’s families in need. Any identified family visiting the pediatric clinic who is facing food insecurity will be given a grocery bag filled with dry/canned goods as well as a list of local food resources in the Durham area.


    Signup sheet has instructions and Grocery list

     Food drive for Inter-faith Food Shuttle, Durham by Group 3 SSE Students every month  Group 3 SSE students form leads in their communities and conduct food drive. Please contact Group 3 teachers for more information.

    Collected food will be delivered during first week of every month at 

     Inter-faith Food Shuttle

    2436 S. Miami Blvd, Suite 200-9

    Durham, NC


  • Pre-SSSE

    CLASS DATE: 04/24/2022 TEACHERS: Patti  Mona, Saideepa, Lakshmi, Bhuvana
    SUMMARY: God is Love ATTENDANCE: 12

    We started the class with 3 Oms and Gayatri. We visited with Swami in our heart and invited Him to our class. Today our teachers talked to us about ‘Love’. Patti said that ‘God is Love.’ Patti also talked to us about Swami’s quote: ‘Start the day with love, Spend the day with love, End the day with love.’Today was the last day of our virtual class. All the teachers entertained us with singing , dancing, acting like animals, making yummy snack. It was so much fun to come to Pre-SSSE class every Sunday from 9:45 to 10:45. We will miss the routine in summer. Next Sunday we will be getting together at HSNC in person to practice our dance for Easwaramma Day program.












  • SSSE group1

    CLASS  DATE: 4/10/2022

    TEACHER(S): Aruna, Resmi, Sharanya, Sunitha.

             Value: Love

          Kindness towards nature (water conservation)

     Attendance: 15/37

    Class of 4/10/2022

    We began with 3 AUMs , chanted Sai Gayathri and Asathoma Sadgamaya followed by bhajan (

    Followed by thumb meditation. We discussed  life application on water conservation and concluded lesson plan on water sense . Next, we talked about Easwaramma day celebration, why it’s celebrated as children’s day with cultural offerings by SSSE children and shared pictures of Easwaramma day celebration in Sai Centers around the world. We also talked about how it’s not just a presentation on stage but a humble offering filled with love and gratitude  to our dear Swami and mother Easwaramma and we discussed the importance of practice and how it helps build confidence when we put in sincere effort. We also narrated a Swami experience which explains how Swami always recognized sincere efforts.

    Announcement: please follow the respective whats app group for Easwaramma day practice / recording sessions.

    Life Application:  children will continue to fill the table they created in the previous class and see the changes as they get more mindful about water usage now.

  • SSSE-Group2

    TEACHERS:  Hitha, Jagruti, and Deepthi 
    Eashwaramma Day  preparation as a team 
    ATTENDANCE: 25/31
    Summary of Today’s class:


    We started our class with Omkar 3 times and our activities – Chanting of Gayathri Mantra, reading out its meaning, and Jyothi Meditation.   

    Life Application: Sharing time  from last class

    • Take a jar/box or any plastic container
    • AWARENESS of GOD being Omnipotent, Omnipresent, Omniscient 
    • Add FAITH & TRUST
    • And continue to respond with LOVE and empty your Jar 
    • If your jar is already empty continue to add colorful beads with love.
    • Show your jar and share your experience with the class

    E- Day brain storming as a team:

    A very productive discussion as team and we have a plan to execute it and assign the roles and students finalizing the start to the start to completion of the 30 min presentation.


     Swami’s quote:

    Do Good.  Be Good and see Good. Do Everything with Love.


    • Take a jar/box or any plastic container
    • AWARENESS of GOD being Omnipotent, Omnipresent, Omniscient 
    • Add FAITH & TRUST
    • And continue to respond with LOVE and empty your Jar 
    • If your jar is already empty continue to add colourful beads with love.
    • Show your jar and share your experience with the class
    • Important information regarding Eashwaramma day celebrations on Sunday  May 8th 
    • Please make sure you know its a in person celebration from group 2 we sure are requested if the parents not ok with students performing in person please let us know. 3/20/22 we will be finalizing the presentation and the roles will be assigned goo.
    Affirmation: Individually each student shared and wrote their affirmation for the day.  
    Closing prayers: The class was concluded by chanting three times “Samastha Lokaah Sukhino Bhavantu” and Shanti”- May all the beings in all worlds be happy and peaceful.If you have any questions feel free to approach any of the teachers. Looking forward to our next class.
    Sai Ram

    Note:  Shivaratri bhajan in the center refer Raleigh  sai center News letter for details.


    Click Here for Previous Class Notes   
  • SSSE-Group3

    CLASS DATE: 03/13/2022

    TEACHER(S):  Nalini, Gangadhar

    SUMMARY:  Stress Management


    Sairam Parents,

    Today (03/13), in our class we have our group 3 student, Ananya Mettu presented on the topic “Stress Management”. She presented on what causes stress, tips to manage it, Swami’s quotes on the same, short videos etc. Then we discussed about various techniques we follow in our day-to-day life. Attached is the presentation deck.



     Group 3 Teachers


  • SSSE-Group4


    CLASS DATE: April 10th, 2022

    TEACHER(S): Sai Y., Nirmala Aunty, Mouli

    Group 4 SSSE Class for 2021-2022 Year



    Main topic:

    SaiRam, in the April 10th SSSE Group 4 class (13 Group Students attended), we met in person at the HSNC hall, Room 10 and started with chanting 3 OMs and then reviewed and discussed –  SAI Tutoring Update which the majority of Group 4 students are participating as tutors,  Sai Samarpan article offerings due date of Sunday April 17th, and upcoming Service Projects – Rise Against Hunger and Morrisville Stream Cleaning.   We then went into this week’s interactive class workshop led by Sai Y. which was on Time Management and Stress Management.   The discussions focused on Swami’s perspectives on Time Management and then How students managed their time, how they prioritize things getting done, what takes longest to get done, what are main distractions.   Then, discussions were focused on Stress Management Strategies and importance of Habit Stacking.   Class was concluded with OM and 3 Shanthi’s.

    Thanks, and JAI SAI RAM!


    Note to Parents:

    Sairam Parents –

    Group 4 will have and our final class for this SSSE term on Sunday, April 24th at 3:30pm at HSNC. Thanks.

    -Group 4 Gurus

    Jai Sai Ram!



Young Adults (YA) Updates




    We will chant and energize beads using the power of Gayathri Mantra, make them into bracelets and offer it to people in need like hospital patients and people in senior care homes.

    Steps to follow:



Seniors Corner

  • Seniors group :

    RSC  Seniors Group is planning to make the Vibuthi Packets for distribution during  Aradhana Day, Easwaramma Day, Guru Poornima and Swami’s birthday celebrations. Our Senior Group is doing this as a spiritual sadhana of writing “Aum Sri Sairam” on one side of the paper and then cut the paper into four parts, include vibuthi in the unwritten side and fold the paper to make vibuthi packets for distribution.
    Some members of the Senior Group are meeting virtually on Thursday afternoons at 3:00 pm to discuss the application of Swami’s messages in their everyday lives. If you are interested in participating in the virtual meetings or to participate in seva activities with senior’s, please email:

Interest Groups Updates

Regional Update

Media Repository

  • The media repository for all past events is now available in our main page under this link. If you need the password, please email

Sai Center Officers

  • Officer Role
    Email Address
    Senthil Kumar
    Gopal Somu
    Education (SSSE) Co-ordinator
    Aruna Shankar
    Devotional Co-ordinator
    Shubha Nagaraj
    Service Co-ordinator
    Param Dasana
    YA Co-ordinator
    Sayee Shruti Manickam

    If you have any questions, please email the respective office bearer. Click here to access their phone numbers (password protected). 

Thought for the Week

  • The mother is the pillar of the home, of society, of the nation, and so of humanity itself. Mothers should know the secret of mental peace, inner silence, spiritual courage and contentment which is the greatest wealth, and also of spiritual discipline, which gives lasting joy. The mother should teach the children the value of remembering the Name of God and of mental and physical cleanliness. She should be like the mother in the story told by Vivekananda, who advised her son to call upon Krishna in the woods while going to school alone and whenever he is helpless. The father and the mother must supplement at home the training given by the teacher at school. They must acquaint themselves with the lesson the child receives at the school and see that their conduct and advice do not conflict with what the child learns from the teacher whom he adores. Teachers and parents must see that children learn certain good habits and attitudes during these formative years. – Divine Discourse, Sep 09, 1958.  BABA