CLASS DATE: 04/18/2021 TEACHERS: Patti, Thatha,  Bhuvana, Saideepa, Mona

 Appreciation for Nature


We started the class with 3 Oms and Gayatri. Today patti and Saideepa aunty talked to us about appreciating and enjoying the nature. We can connect with nature by planting a garden, observing the animals, and insects. We can keep our body healthy by playing outside, hiking on the trails and working in our flower and vegetable garden. We can invite the birds to our backyards by keeping bird feeders. We can build bird feeders with milk jugs, or cans and enjoy the beautiful colors of different birds. Swami says ‘I am the indweller of all the insects, birds and animals’. Swami also says ‘Nature is God and appreciate the beauty of nature. Saideepa aunty showed us how to draw a beautiful picture of nature’, We practiced our bhajan with Bhuvana aunty. Mona aunty played a few games with us. Thatha showed us couple of science experiments with papers and water. It was a busy  morning. 

Summary from today’s (03/21/2021) parent discussion:

Why is it important to talk softly and sweetly?  Because wounds inflicted by the tongue can never be healed. 

Why is Silence important? Because silence is the only language of the realized. Practice moderation in speech.

Parent homework:

  1. Swami’s Litmus test
  2. family coin jar