CLASS DATE: 09/26/2021 TEACHERS: Patti, Lakshmi, Saideepa,  Mona

 How God helps us through ‘Air’


We started the class with 3 Oms and Gayatri. At the beginning of each class we are bringing Swami in our Heart for five minutes and visualizing Him in different ways based on previous week’s lesson plan. We are sitting in silence and enjoying the moment with Swami. Theme of our class was ‘How Swami helps us through ‘Air’. Lakshmi aunty told us that how helpful air is for living, by blowing a balloon she showed us that we can feel air but cannot see it. She also did a fun experiment: she stuffed a paper towel inside a glass, turned it upside down and place it inside the bowl of water, paper towel was dry when she picked the glass up. Patti read a funny book about wind, ‘The Wind Blew’ by Pat Hutchins. Mona aunty showed us how to make a frisbee with a paper plate. The plate is light and we could play with the paper plate frisbee in the room where we were having our class. Saideepa aunty asked us to bring a scarf to the class. We all danced and sang with her using the scarves. It was a fun class with all the teachers. The activities that we are asked to do with our parents: Enjoy the beautiful breeze with our parents while playing frisbee, which we made in the class. with them. Also parents can show us how to make paper airplane and we can fly it around while we are outside with them enjoying the cool breeze.