CLASS DATE: 04/09/2023 TEACHERS:    Lakshmi, Bhuvana, Mona
SUMMARY:  Recycle, Reduce, Reuse ATTENDANCE: 

We started the class with 3 Oms and Gayatri Mantra. Our teachers are preparing us for Easwaramma Day. They talked to us about Easwaramma in the last few classes. Now our teachers are talking to us about Bhumata and how we can take care of Bhumata. They talked to us how we can recycle used papers, card boards, milk cartons and make fun toys with them. By recycling we help Mother Earth by not adding trash in the landfill and also help save resources like trees. We also learnt not to use plastic bags, instead we can use reusable bags. We practiced our two bhajans ‘ Dancing Ganesh’ and ‘Dum, Dum dum Dum Damaru Baje’ which we will be singing next Sunday during Center’s bhajan time. We also practiced Easwaramma Day program a couple of times. We enjoyed book reading time with Patti. She read ‘ Don’t Throw That Away’ by Lara Bergen. Activity of the week: Practice both the bhajans everyday