SSSE group1

I CLASS  DATE:03/19/2023

TEACHER(S): Aruna,Sunitha, Sharanya 

 Topic: Responsibility  Attendance:  26/38

We started the class with 3 OMs, slokas and thumb meditation. We learnt Gayatri mantra

We learnt two new bhajans, which the children will sing during Sai Madhuram bhajans on April 16th

In this class we talked about how much swami gives importance to the feeling and the intention behind an action. We shared experiences of two students which beautifully shows how swami responds to the ‘bhava’ or the feeling with which one performs the action more than the action itself. These experiences also show how Swami showers his love, how he ever so gently corrects them to make improvements while accepting all imperfections and how he inspires them to take up challenges and perform to the best of their ability.