SSSE group1

CLASS DATE: 09/18/2021, 09/19/2021

TEACHER(S): Aruna, Sunitha, Resmi , Sharanya 

Value: Love

Sub value : Devotion 

 Attendance: 28/41

We began with 3 AUMs and learnt Sai Gayatri.

The topic that we will dive into for this year is one of the human values- Love. The craft that we made in our last class made a perfect segway to talk about the concept Love is God and God is Love.

We began by showing the children a video with a beautiful song in the background which says ‘All you need is love, love is all you need’. asked them to share what it is they liked from the video and why- just to know how they connected to Love emotion. 

Swami says Love transcends the five senses of perception, which means we can not see, smell, taste, hear or touch love but we know it exists and it is present everywhere. We then explained this concept with the help of apple and air analogy.

Swami also says Love is his swaroopa, his form.So we said if we were to give a form to that  love, which we cannot perceive with our senses, that form is God. And if we fill our hearts with love God will make it his home and live in our hearts.

We then told a story of Radha and Krishna to bring home the point that god lives in our hearts. Here is the story as told by swami- “Once, Rukmini invited Radha to her house. On receiving the invitation, Radha at once came to her house. Those days idli, dosa, cakes, etc., were not known as they are today. People would offer milk or curd to guests. In her exuberance of hap- piness, Rukmini offered her hot boiling milk in a glass. Radha used to offer everything to Krishna before partaking of it. She said, “I offer it to Krishna (Krishnarpanam) and gulped the boiling hot milk.

In the evening, when Krishna came to Rukmini, she performed His Padaseva (pressing His feet), and she was shocked to notice blisters on His feet. She asked, “Oh Lord! What has happened? Who caused blisters on Your feet ”? Krishna replied, “It is your own doing. When Radha came to you in the morning, you offered her hot boiling milk without bothering to check whether it was fit for drinking. She offered that milk to Me before drinking. Therefore, these blis- ters have come on My feet”.

We then learnt a beautiful bhajan on love. Please find the audio clip for the bhajan as a separate post in the group.

We also played a fun word search game.

Life application 

The life application for the next few weeks is to ‘start the day with love and end the day with love’. Children can choose any of the different ways of expressing the love, for eg: with a smile, by remembering god, by saying a prayer, by thanking god, by silence sitting etc. Please Encourage them to be consistent with one activity for a certain period of time. We asked them to practice it just after waking up and right before going to bed. They will also record it in their spiritual diary with a tick if they did it and with a cross if they didn’t do it. We will post the pdf of the spiritual diary sheet separately.

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