SSSE group1


 CLASS  DATE: 2/18/2024

TEACHER(S): Sunitha, Nitya, Aditi, Sharanya, Aruna 
 Topic:  Self-respect  Attendance:  29/37
Theme for the Year: Our Life, His MessageSub-theme for Quarter 2: Duty and ResponsibilityTopics for Quarter 2

  1. Duty – Be on Time, Do your bit for the family
  2. Be a responsible family member, do your part
  3. Personal responsibility- Cleanliness
  4. Do not pass your responsibility to someone else
  5. Do your duty without being told

Topics for Quarter 3:

  1. Self-respect
  2. Empathy


Continuing with the topic of self-respect, we narrated the story of Abraham Lincoln in yesterday’s class. Born into abject poverty, grew up in the frontier with little resources, dropped out of school to work on the family farm, largely self-taught, and experienced profound loss early in childhood with the passing away of his mother and sister, Abraham Lincoln’s life was riddled with hardships. And yet, his life story is an extraordinary story of hope, self-respect, self-confidence, honesty, perseverance, equality, great statesmanship, and much more. We talked about how, right from childhood to becoming the president of the United States, Abraham Lincoln exhibited these qualities at every step of his life—we shared some anecdotes from his life that showed how a poor farm boy rose to the level of president and became instrumental in abolishing slavery. We also shared the story that Swami often narrates about the role of his mother, Nancy, in shaping his character.
Children showed great interest in the story and pointed out some of the qualities of Abraham Lincoln that inspired them.

Life application:
The new life application activity/challenge for this month is to ‘Brush Teeth TWICE a Day’
Children will put a tick mark in their tracker only when brushing twice, both morning and night. Just one-time brushing doesn’t count for the challenge! The Be On Time Challenge continues!!

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Bhajans learned:

1. Om Shivaya Om Shivaya

2. Jaya Hari Krishna Jaya Hari Krishna

3. Ram Lakshman Janki

4. Hare rama Hare rama

5.Love is the way

6. Govinda Gopala Prabhu Giridhari dhari

7. Lingashtakam –