CLASS  DATE: 03/24/2024 TEACHER(S): Jagruti, Lalitha
Theme: My life is my message to your life is my message  Attendance:  23/40
Class started with prayers and brief recap
Summary of the Class: 

We invited special guests Vanaja Aunty to conduct a service activity into our class. We talked about service and discussed how each child can contribute to service. Also, sister Pam joined in this endeavor and they helped teach the kids how to fold Vibhuti prasadam to be distributed on E-Day and the kids enjoyed. Sister Sumitra helped kids with Sai Madhuram bhajans and talked about a life application and how/whether they will be able to practice it at home or outside.

We sang following bhajans for Sai Madhuram.

Life application: 

We have given them a daily diary to follow life application. Reflect and make it a habit to show Respect to all –

  1. Was I respectful today?- Greet everyone respectfully with smile.
  2. Did I practice help ever hurt never?- Help mom to get ready for school.

We concluded the class with prayers.

Note to parents: Please encourage children to maintain their daily diary.

Thank you