CLASS  DATE: 12/03/2023

TEACHER(S): Hitha, Jagruti, Deepthi, Lalitha, Shobha. 

Value: Love : Sub-Value: Unity of Faiths  Attendance:  35/45
Summary of the Class: SANATHANA  DHARMA  
Class started with 3 oms, Gayathri Mantra and the silent sitting.


Sharing time: Students had an opportunity to share their experiences from their field trip to Sr Venkteshwara temple.

Today we hah an opportunity to talk about Sanathana Dharma ( Hindu Dharma)

Its a way of life based on Vedas.

Karma and Dharma are very important. Karma results from our past and present actions and those we will perform. While Dharma is righteousness a moral code of living.

We worship many Deities as every deities have their own significance and carries power.

Our holy scripture is Bhagavad Gita

Some of the principles of Sanathana Dharma are:

One God and many forms.

Adhere to Truth

Cycle of birth and death.

Divinity you see in you is the divinity in others.


Why are rituals and important?

Rituals and traditions are ways to connect with God.

Symbol : Aum 


Golden rule of Hindu Dharma is “Do naught unto others what you would not have them do unto you”


Swami’s quote:

There is only one religion the religion of love.

There is only one caste, the caste of humanity.

There is only one language, the language of the heart.

There is only one God who is omnipresent.

life application: 

Connect with your students and participate in asking questions what they have learnt and what are the practices they will be following untill next class from what they have learnt from this class.

Closing prayers:



upcoming events

 12/10/23  field trip to Church in Morrisville

6011 McCrimmon  PKWY

Morrisville, NC 27560


Sai madhuram bhajans led  by SSSE students.


Thank you 

Sai ram