DATE: 03/19/2023
TEACHERS:  Hitha, Jagruthi, and Deepthi 

Value: Right Action 

Sub Value: WATCH

Summary of the Class:


We started our class with 3 Oms, 3 Gayathris’ and Silent sitting focusing our breath deep inhalation and
exhaling. Had a chance to share the life application with the students, but few were able to share. 

We talked about A – Action from swami’s WATCH

We continued on to the letter A for the word. 

We had a opportunity to have 5 activities to show how the Action and reaction works. For every Action their is an equal and opposite reaction.  If we do good actions good will come back if you do bad actions bad will come to you.  We are responsible for our own Actions.

We talked about what is responsibility and consequences?

We showed a short video on Responsibility and Consequences. 

Students had discussion on what is their responsibility as students, is to study, do their work on time, at home, school, and as a good human being to perform their duties.

Swami’s Words on Responsibility

Responsibility means Carrying out one’s duties and obligations according to one’s age, station in life, and circumstances.

Consequence: A result or effect of an action or condition.



“ Specific right action means those duties that are responsibility on a person as a result of his or her social obligations, professional status, stage of life and the like.” 

“ Life applications:

  • Morning prayers
  • Night prayers
  • Food prayer
  • Watch your thoughts, Words and Action
  • Watch your actions be aware of the right action throughout the day.
  • Sit silently everyday for few minutes. Every night, before you sleep. 

    “Share it with us next class”

Parents, please support yourself and our students to follow the life application of watching our words, being aware of using our tongue, and sitting silently for a few minutes every day( start with 2 min)

Please ask the children in detail about our last class and possibly participate as a family in life application.


Sai Madhuram Bhajan Practice for April: We had our group 4 students Anjana and Samhitha come to class to let Students practice. Girls

Om Dhimitha Dhimitha Dhim

Govind Krishna Jai

The class had a chance to read their Affirmation:

Class ended with Closing Prayer.

Parents thank you for sharing our students for 90 minutes every day. 

Thank you
Sai ram


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