CLASS DATE: 9/26/21

TEACHER(S):  Nalini, Gangadhar

Guest Speaker: Priyatham S Mettu, MD

SUMMARY: Body is a miracle of God


Topic: Under the Theme Love, we discussed, Body is a miracle of God

Stories: We shared the numerous miracles Swami used to make at the banks for Chitravathi river, once when professor Kasthuri asked Swami to come to the banks, Swami asked why he wanted to go there, professor Kasthuri said to see Swami’s miracles, Swami then smilingly said, human body is the biggest miracle.

There are three things which are rare indeed and are due to the grace of God –namely, a human birth, the longing for Liberation, and the protecting care of a holy personage.                                   Viveka choodamani verse 3

Wealth, friends, property, and even wife if lost, can be acquired again, but the human body is not like that; once it goes, it can never be got back, no matter how hard one may try. Human life is most precious, highly sacred, beautiful and invaluable. It is therefore the prime duty of every individual to take the greatest possible care of the body. The body is an indispensable vehicle for experiences. Without it nothing can be done, not even a simple task. The human body is, therefore, more precious than worldly wealth and such other material acquisitions. Life must be sanctified by making proper use of the body and engaging it in sacred actions.  Baba.

Guest Speaker, Dr Pritu has talked about importance & uniqueness of the body, he explained 10 organ systems & how each one operates, its specialty but they all work together as integrated whole body. He beautifully tied it back to Swami’s teachings. Please find the deck used for this discussion 

Next Class: We will want students to complete the survey provided, we will discuss goals they will want to set to take care of their body and mindUnder Theme Love, we will discuss, Body is a temple of God. 

Note to Parents:

Swami Birthday self transformation offering: Each student summarized their understanding of the topic, Love towards parents and introspected where they can improve. Each student identified their transformation ideas that they will follow.  Each student was asked to write up the transformation ideas on a paper, show it to their parents and post it in their room or fridge so they can be reminded of the offering to Swami.