CLASS  DATE:    02/11/2024

TEACHER(S): Gangadher, Nalini, Sravanti, Aneesha
Topic: PanchaKoshas – Annamayakosha  Attendance: 21
Sairam Dear Parents 🙏
Here is the summary of the last SSE class on 02/11/24:We started off with a recap on Panchakoshas using a group activity to form five concentric circles holding hands with Swami as the center. Swami, in the center is representative of our Individual God-Self, in other words, Jeevatma. The children identified the panchakoshas (the five concentric circles formed in group activity) starting with Annamaya Kosha…until Anandamaya Kosha. In addition, children also identified the basis of each kosha to learn more about the ways Swami provided to nurture each of the koshas.

Recap/Activity from previous class:
– As a class, we decided to observe our thoughts when in front of a mirror or in general to identify thoughts of self-doubt and change them into thoughts or affirmations of self-love.

– Emphasized on the nature of Mind using Swami’s quote – “It is easy for man to stand but is difficult for him to run. But, in the case of mind, staying still is difficult, but, running is easy. This is the difference between man and his mind”. In addition, we also used a conversation of Krishna and Arjun discussing the nature of mind and that by “Practice and Detachment” it can be controlled.

We then gave a technique given by Swami to center ourselves and to “Practice control of Mind”. We are calling it “The Thumb Staring Technique”. It only takes 12 seconds and is very effective.

We then learned more about the the first layer, Annamaya Kosha, and the “Yes/S”s Swami provided for nurturing this Kosha:
Food – Shakahari, Sasyahari, Satwik , Seasonal Fruits and Vegetables, Soups
Food through five Senses
Here is what Swami is saying about control of Senses: Journeying through life without knowing the control of the senses is like venturing to ride a brakeless car. Disaster is certain. Control increases efficiency; removal of embankments, bonds, brakes, limits – this robs life of sweetness and sense of adventure. -Sri Sathya Sai Baba

Activities to Purify Food (Shakaharam) we eat:
Chant Gayatri Mantra 3 times prior to eating
Chant “Brahmarpanam” to offer it to God

Activities to keep Senses in control:
Follow – See no Evil, hear no Evil and Speak no Evil

We ended our class by watching a video which showed how the age old practice prescribed by Rishis to circumambulate around the Tulsi plant increased a person’s aura by 2-3 three times.

Note to the Parents:
All children enthusiastically participated in learning more about the affects of eating non-satwic foods, such as food prepared outside (in restaurants), food cooked while we are angry, and eating food while angry and its impact on the energy and koshas. Kindly encourage or make observations of the activities related to food and support their practical applications of the learnings wherever possible. Thank you very much for your support!

Thank you,