CLASS  DATE: 03/05/23

TEACHER(S): Nalini, Gangadher

 Value: Dharma

 Attendance: 25


We played a Game to show the importance of having Code of Conduct, Rules of behavior

Introduced Dharma– Is it Duty, Right conduct, Righteousness, Code of Conduct, Rules of behavior. 

Dharma is not just a set of rules or commandments, but rather a way of being that is in alignment with the ultimate truth and harmony of the universe. Dharamo Rakshathi Rakshithah – If you follow Dharma, it will protect you.

*What did Swami say*

Man must dedicate himself to Dharma and be engaged always in Dharma so that he may live in peace and the world may enjoy peace. He cannot acquire real Peace, nor can he win the Grace of the Lord through any means other than the Dharmic life.

Dharma is a body of principles that are fundamental to social stability and individual progress. There are various branches of Dharma – obligatory duty, duties pertaining to status and stages of life etc.  – but the aim of all is to help one stage by stage toward liberation from grief and from the chain of birth and death.

*Stories & life scenarios-*

we shared mythology stories & contemporary real experience sharing from Sai balvikas student 

*How to Practice:*

 As a Student what is my Dharma: 

-Study and get good grades- you have to give your best, focus on learning,not waste time, distracted. Dharma is to follow it even when no one watching you & not give up

-Making best use of time & devices provided


As a Son/Daughter

-Get good name to my parents with our conduct and behaviour.

-Help as much as possible


As an individual (Atma Dharma)

-Help every hurt never

-Unity of thought word and deed.

-Practice whatever that takes closer to God. (bhajans, service activity, Vedam chanting, helping others)