CLASS DATE:  Sept. 26th 2021
TEACHER(S):  Mouli, Nirmala Aunty, Yadavan, Sai Y.

2nd Group 4 SSSE Class for 2021-2022 Year



Main topic:

In today’s Group 4 SSSE class, we started with 3 OM’s and had the new students who were unable to attend last week’s class introduce themselves. We reviewed the survey results that we had asked the Group 4 students to fill out. We then discussed how the teachers will be having 1:1’s with the Group 4 students to stay connected. Following that, Sai found us a 3-minute meditation exercise that we went through and we did an ice breaker having every student share their personal highs of the week. We went over the Raleigh Sai Center’s Transformational Sadhanas and asked for them to brainstorm potential ideas they would like to do. We went through various service activities and signups. Finally, we finished the class reading a Prema Vahini passage on “Perform good deeds and saturate the mind with God”. We had the students go into breakout rooms to read and discuss this passage. The students all participated and we will continue to do other passages in future classes.


Note to Parents:

Sairam Parents –

Group 4 will continue to do virtual classes and our next class will be on Sunday, October 10th at 3:30pm.

-Group 4 Gurus

Jai Sai Ram!