Study circle Summary : Putting Swami’s Teachings into Practice

We reviewed how to put Swami’s teachings into practice as He lovingly guides us.
Why do we need Swami’s teachings in the first place?

  • Swami explains that the mind is inherently pure; however, it has become a breeding ground for all thoughts of ‘do’ and ‘do not’, & is very impulsive.
  • There is too much mind chatter leading to confusion & thereby sorrow.
  • Before putting His teachings to practice, it is necessary to purify the mind. We must let the mind rest & stop this endless dialogue with the mind.
    Consuming pure food is a prerequisite for a pure mind.
  • Since this is not always possible, chanting food prayer (brahmarpanam) before every meal is a must. This converts food as a prasad from Swami and thereby impurities are removed.
  • Practicing regulated breathing, doing service, teaching others will reduce the mind’s tendency for inner chatter.
  • Namasmarana, Gayatri mantra, Practice of yoga postures can also be practiced to reduce mind chatter.

Thoughts from Members:

Purity of mind:

  • Doing all tasks with 100% concentration is key to reducing mind chatter.
  • This inability to concentrate stems from “Doing what we like”( full concentration ) to – – “Liking what we do (half hearted efforts) “
  • Namasmarana with intention eliminates mind chatter.

Purity of food:

  • Chanting gayatri mantra, listening to bhajans while making food is helpful in preserving purity of food.