Thought for the Week

On the sacred occasion that is celebrated as Gudi Padwa, Ugadi or the New Year by many.

what is Bhagawan’s guidance to all of us?

Look within and experience God, who’s present in your heart. That’s real Ugadi. Realise that God is present everywhere. God is one, though people worship Him by many names. There can be many sweets like gulab jamun, mysore pak, and jilebi, but sugar in all is the same. There may be differences in names and forms of people, but Divinity immanent in all is the same. Truth is one, wise refer to it by various names (Ekam sat viprah bahuda vadanti). You see a picture of Krishna wearing a crown with a peacock feather or that of Siva with a third eye. These are mere pictures of God. God has no form. He is beyond all names and forms. Therefore, do not limit God to any name and form. Do not have the false notion that God is present only at this place or that place. Contemplate on God who is present in your heart, and earn His grace. Right from this sacred day of Ugadi, see God in everyone. Whomsoever you come across, offer your salutations to them, considering them as an embodiment of God. – Divine Discourse, Mar 16, 2010  BABA