Group 1

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1.  SSE group1

CLASS DATE: 11/04/2018

TEACHERS: Aruna and Sunitha

(Assisted by Rakhi)

SUMMARY: wrapped up the topic Devotion ATTENDANCE: 9


We started the class with 3 om’s and silent meditation with instrumental music.


Main Topic: Discipline

We started the class with recap of what we did  in the last classes as we were meeting after a long gap. A story on faith was narrated – A girl with an umbrella. Then we transitioned into the aspect of discipline. We talked about discipline in nature – seasons, day and night happens because earth revolves around the sun without a break, animals when they move in herd, walk in a line, even ants form a line …. We see rules everywhere – traffic signals, at school, even at home. We talked about the challenges to follow rules sometimes, especially for things that we have to do regularly for e.g practicing an instrument, writing the home journal everyday.

We will continue our discussion on this in the next class.

We ended the class with multi faith prayer and bhajans.

Garland project:

We made the garland today and is ready.

Life application/Home work:

Along with the current journal, an additional column should be added for any activity that the child finds challenging to do everyday for e.g practicing an instrument, writing home journal, practicing math. If they are unable to do it on any day, they must cite a reason. This will help us to identify the reason and address it 

Note to Parents: Please help with the above homework

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