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1.  SSE group1


CLASS DATE: 02/10/2019

TEACHERS: Jagruthi , Aruna and Resmi


SUMMARY: Continuing with Discipline with focus on perseverence and determination to achieve your goals




Start the class with 3 om’s and silent meditation and two multi faith prayers – sayeeswaraya and namo tassa bhagavatho.

Learn new prayer – Ashem Vohu


Main Topic:  Discipline


Lesson Plan:

 We discussed if the class was able to stick to their plan and achieve their goal for this week. What difficulty they faced to stick to their plan?

Then we played some games to introduce the idea of challenges we face to win . ( Games include Brainvita, Troy, Jenga, cards etc)

After the games we talked about how some games felt hard and they wanted to give up. But having patience and determination to achieve the goals and not to give up even if it is challenging helps us win.

We watched the video of the kid with challenges


If this kid who had so many challenges can still find a way to achieve his goals, then we should also be able to achieve our goals with the right discipline.

Concluded the class by stating that discipline is sticking to our plan for achieving our goals with  patience and determination. Do not give up but face our challenges.




·       Putting shoes and school bag at their right places as soon as we come back home. Same for rest for family

·       Prayer before food

·       Follow your goal everyday



Note to Parents: 

We are learning about self discipline-Importance of listening.Remind the kids about their daily journal/homework.

Friendly reminder

  • You can bring gently used books for donating to underprivileged kids.
  • Sai Samarpan article are to be submitted by end of February.
  • Help our children to achieve their goal of the week.


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