Sairam, below is the media from past events at the Raleigh Sai Center. You can play all audio files by selecting “Music Player for Google Drive” from the “Open With” menu located at the top of the page after clicking on the file link. If something is not working or if you have any questions, please send an email to the AV team at 

AV Team Google Drive with audio recordings from Sunday devotional singing (bhajans) and special programs 

Study Circle Videos: Self-Confidence or Atma-Vishwas – the Foundation for Life. Videos available here


May 12 Eswaramma Day Program VideosPhotos / Sai Samarpan News Letter / Flyer 
April 7 A way of Life: Love All, Serve All Video / Audio (talk) / Audio (Music program)Photos / Flyer 



December 31 Recap of the main RSC activities in 2018 Video
November 18 Sathya Sai Baba’s Birthday Celebration Audio / PhotosFlyer
November 2-3 Talks by Dr. Shashank Shah Audio / Photos / Flyer / Flyer (YA) / Bio
August 19 Dhrujati Mudigonda and M. Kumar  Audio Files / Photos / Videos /  Flyer 
July 29 Guru Poornima Program. Sai Manicakam and Rev. Neusom Holmes Audio (Bhajans and Talks) / Photos /  Flyer  / Speakers Bios: ManicakamHolmes 
May 20  Talk by Dr. T. Ravi Kumar  Audio (Bhajans) / Audio (Talk)Flyer Speaker Bio
May 6 Eswaramma Day Program Audio / PhotosVideos / Sai Samarpan News Letter / Flyer 
April 21 Aradhana Day Program Audio / PhotosSSE ExhibitionFlyer



Dec 31 Recap of the main RSC activities in 2017 Video
Dec 3 Axay Kalathia – Region 3 President Audio / Presentation 
Nov 19 Sathya Sai Baba’s Birthday Celebration Audio  / PhotosVideos / Medley Lyrics / Flyer 
Nov 11-12 Global Akhanda Bhajans Audio
August 6 Talk by Sister Pallavi Audio 
August 4  Satsang with Srikanth Vaidyanathan, Pallavi and Sundar Audio (bhajans) / Audio (Talks) 
July 2  Talk by Mataji Vishwatmananda Giri and Ravi Kumar Audio
July 9 Guru Poornima Program  Audio / Photos / Videos / Group chanting practice files / Flyer 
May  26-29 Region 3 Retreat   Photos, Audio and Videos
May 21 Talk by Ravi Mariwalla Audio
May 18  Satsang with Amey Deshpande Audio Video (talk) / Videos (Bhajans)
May 7 Eswaramma Day Program Audio / Photos / Videos / Sai Samarpan News Letter / Flyer