CLASS DATE: 02/16/2020

TEACHERS: Section 1: Patti, Saideepa, Sharanya, Thatha  

Section 2: Patti,  Bhuvana, Lakshmi, Ganesh



SUMMARY:  Help Ever, Hurt Never ATTENDANCE: 27/39

Today our lesson plan was to ‘Help the environment to keep it clean’ Today patti talked to us about Recycle, Reuse and Reduce. Today we learnt how recycling helps to reduce the trash and what are all the things we can recycle. Patti told us to share our toys that we don’t play anymore and the clothes that has become small for us. We can give those to less fortunate people instead of throwing them in the garbage. We can use old magazines for cutting and glueing instead of regular paper. She asked us not to use paper products for food and plastic bottles for water. Instead we can use reusable plates, bowls like we use for our snack in the class. She was very proud of us that we bring reusable water bottles every week to our class. She asked us to remind our parents to take reusable bags for shopping instead of plastic bags. Rest of the time we practiced our bhajans, and did art work. 

Today we missed lots of our friends from the class because of the long weekend and some are sick. 

Note to Parents from parents discussion group:  Continue to allow your child to make many choices this week. Try to practice at least 1 of the parenting techniques to influence your child to make good decisions.