CLASS DATE: 09/09/2018 TEACHERS: Vanaja patti,  Chandran Thatha, Vasanthi aunty


3 Oms, Gayatri, Yoga

Main topics:  It was very nice to start Pre-SSE class after 3 months break. 17 of us are back from last class. 3 more new friends have joined us. Patti talked to us about being Happy all the time. She asked us what makes us happy, how can we make a person happy when they are feeling sad. She read to us two beautiful books: ‘Hugs’ and ‘On Mothers Lap’.  We played some silly games which forced us to laugh loud. 

We practiced two bhajans with Shruthi akka which we have learnt last year. Thanks akka for practicing with us. It is so nice to have akka in the class. 




Life application/Home work: 

Think of one thing you can do this week to make your mom and dad happy.

Note to Parents:    (from parents’ discussion)   Find opportunities this week to get into the Child Ego State with your child/children. Laugh, play and have a good time with them. See how this makes you and your children feel.