CLASS DATE: 01/26/2020

TEACHERS: Section 1: Patti, Saideepa, Mona,  Thatha  

Section 2: Patti, Sharanya, Bhuvana, Lakshmi, Ganesh



SUMMARY:  Help Ever, Hurt Never ATTENDANCE: 26
 Today both the classes were joined and did all our activities together. What a fun class we had today!  Rushi anna came to our class for half an hour.  He played a game, taught us couple of songs. It was so much fun to play the game while he was playing the tabla.  After he left we made Thank You card for him. Patti showed us some slides of Swami and talked to us how Swami was helping people through out His life. We really enjoyed watching those slides and learnt from Swami how happy you feel when you help people. Lots of friends were sick and couldn’t come to the class. We missed them. Hope they all feel better soon and come back to the class coming Sunday.


Note to Parents from parents discussion group:  Find at least 1 task on the list from parents discussion and do a training with your child this week. Train them so they can consistently practice ‘Help ever’ in the home.