CLASS DATE: 02/18/2018

TEACHERS:Hitha Raj, Aditi Jain, Jalaja 

SUMMARY: How are we using our quality time towards our faith in God, self confidence in ourself. Always thinking positive.


ATTENDANCE: 19 out of 24.


Class started with 3 Oms, prayers and bhajans.  3Bhajans were reviewed from last class and students learned the bhajans from Athima.

i am super proud to say that 11 years ago she was in  my group 2 SSE and today she was in the same class as an young adult and teaching the bhajans for the kids. It’s a great blessing and thank you Athima. May swami bless you.

Quote:God Is Love And Love Is God And God And Man Are One

Activity:  we watched a beautiful Video about power of positive thinking.

staying in thought word and deed of positive thinking .

trusting in God and having faith in God.



It was a very Amazing class with discussion and some personal stories how Having faith in God, and trusting in God and believing in God and staying positive can be so magical.

We also talked about Meerabai story and how her devotion and love for Krishna as her savior and guide and guard.

ask your kids what was the inspiring part of the class they enjoyed the most.

we really had so much fun sharing,discussing and enjoying the class to the fullest.



Life application/Homework:

1.       Practice light meditation daily. . Observe yourself if you are carrying the love and light with you wherever you go. Come and share with us how did it help you

2.       Continue spreading golden hearts by trying to get to know someone that you don’t know very well.  Optional challenge – If there is someone that you dislike or gets on your nerves, try to get to know them better.

 3. Stay in positive thinking and come and share in the next class how it helped you. are you spending your quality time with God and how is your faith and trust on your God.

come and share how you get in the next class.

5. Know more about Meerabai story, on radio sai SWAMI’s   discourse, youtube and from parents.






Note to Parents:

 1.Please encourage students to practice light meditation. 

2..Please encourage children to be regular to the classes, also please be on time. 

As you all know we are working on Time, we would love students be present by 3.25pm

we need your help for students to be on time. 

2.Have a family discussion about today’s class; what did they learn, what impacted them the most

3..We humbly request you and your son / daughter to stay back for the Bhajan session whenever it is possible. Many of the group dynamics we are working on are connected to the center devotional session. We appreciate your time and commitment it’s a blessing to be part singing SWAMI’s Glory.