CLASS DATE: 4/08/18 TEACHERS: Nalini, KK, Gangadher, Ardra


Beginning prayers led by students. Ganesha, Guru, Mata.  We also introduced multi faith prayers. Please have them learn them. Link to multi faith prayers audio link:

General class guidelines. No cell phones and being respectful to each other.

Main topics:

We played a Game similar to wheel of fortune-    Every team spins and answers question in that category in two rounds followed by rapid fire questions.

  • Here is the link to wheel with categories : Wheel Of Sai
  • Link to the questions (answered included): Questions

We then discussed ideas for SSE Exhibition. Below are tasks that they choose to take up.

  • Poster 1 Connecting to Swami within – Kanusha, Diya, 

  • Poster 2 Distractions (Internal and External)  and Riddles to solve – Sai Charon, Pranav, 

  • Poster 3 Life is Game. Similarities between Life and Game. Define – Harini. 

  • Circuit- Show when we are distracted using – Prem

  • Relay race. Script for To talk about attitude, skills, vision- Raj

SSE Skit

  • Discussed skit and roles.
  • Skit will be sent to parents with roles, costumes by Monday.
  • Please help children practice.

Note to Parents: 

  1. Sai Samarpan articles due tonight.
  2. Children volunteered for posters – due date next Sunday.
  3. Video recording of the skit – will be on April 15th 3pm to 6pm in Crab Tree park (weather permitting).