CLASS DATE: 2/18/18 TEACHERS: Nalini, KK, Gangadher, Ardra
SUMMARY: Life is Game- Play it: Life Skills. Guest speaker: Brother Ravi Varanasi ATTENDANCE: 18 ( Full attendance this week) 


Beginning prayers led by students. Ganesha, Guru, Mata.  We also introduced multi faith prayers. Please have them learn them. Link to multi faith prayers audio link:

General class guidelines. No cell phones and being respectful to each other.

Main topics:

  1. Topic for the rest of the year. Life is game. How to be successful\win it.
  2. In this series, we discussed 3 important Life skills to win. 
     I CAN: I CAN do this with God by my side- Any task should be taken up with this attitude 
     Skills: While trying to finish the task we will face hurdles, we might fail but we learn and move on.
     Persistent: Keep reminding our self the goal and do not give up. 
  3. We used analogy of boat as body, light house as Swami and life as turbulent ocean. 
  4. To give an experience to children we played a relay race that demonstrates about all the 3 life skills
  5. Divided groups of 3 kids. Each will be given series of things to do, they need to get them done in that order while respecting each other. We will time it.Fastest team wins.
    First group:
    Put a red, yellow, green scarf around the neck
    make a triangle with cards (playing card)
    Collect cotton balls in gold color basket, white stones in grey basket, gray stones in white basket
    jump thru obstacles (place boxes to jump over)
    put the bouncy ball in the bin with left hand
    Draw a sarva dharma symbol
    Order changes for each group.
    Discussion items after game: 
    1. Did each member of the team start with attitude I can do it. How many of you thought of God before starting –  How did that impact?
    2. Now that you understand the hurdles if you play again do you think you will win? – Learn from mistakes and build skills
    3. How many of you forgot the next thing to do and gave up- Did you give up and set yourself for failure?
    4. How many of you were focused on getting there fastest to win- Did you keep reminding yourself of the goal?
  6. Brother Ravi Varanasi was guest speaker who shared about his childhood, how he got into Swami’s fold, importance of SSE, how he practices values in profession, his experiences with Swami.
  7. Key points from the interactive talk: Pray to God before taking any test or starting any task,  Acceptance-Trust in Swami, Love is the language of the heart, Always remind that I am an instrument of Swami.
  8. It was a interactive session where kids asked lot of questions and came up with lesson for each experience shared.
  9. Deck used for the class with details:
Life application
1. Practice every day in mind, talk to Swami within for at least 2 mins. Students have to experiment, gain their own experience and share with class. These two mins should be completely focused on Swami and identify any distracting thoughts, but as explained the class manage those distractions.
2. Consciously pay attention to the guidance given by your inner voice.  
3. Students continue to fill out online google form for self assessment. This encourages them to constantly make an effort to connect to Swami within. 
4. Pray to Swami daily the prayers given by Swami: On waking, pray every morning of your life, “Oh Lord, I am born now from the womb of sleep. I am determined to carry out all tasks this day as offerings to Thee, with Thee ever present before my mind’s eye. Make my words, thoughts, and deeds sacred and pure. Let me not inflict pain on anyone; let no one inflict pain on me. Direct me, guide me, this day.”
And when you enter the portals of sleep at night, pray, “Oh Lord! the tasks of this day, whose burden I placed on you this morning, are over. It was You who made me walk and talk and think and act. I therefore place at Thy Feet all my words, thoughts, and deeds. My task is done. Receive me, I am coming back to you.”
Sathya Sai Speaks, Vol. 2 Ch. 14

Note to Parents: 

  1. Attendance is key for SSE to be successful. Please remind and help them practice life application. 
  2. We humbly request you and your son / daughter to stay back for the Bhajan session whenever it is possible. Many of the group dynamics we are working on are connected to the center devotional session. We appreciate your support!