CLASS DATE: 9/9/18 TEACHERS: Nalini, Gangadher, Manoj
SUMMARY: Get to know each other ATTENDANCE: 18 (out of 21)


Beginning prayers led by students. We chant multi faith prayers beginning of each class to show all regions teach same.

Link to multi faith prayers with meaning:

Main topics:

  • Video to introduce Swami –
  • Current Students explained new to Swami student who is Swami, HIS mission, where he lived in his physical form.
  • Get to know each other
    • Name
    • What do you likes and dislikes
    • What makes you happy (at school, home)
    • What is on your bucket list (wish list to do!)
  • Ice breaker (Each student says Sairam, takes one skittle and based on the color shares).
  • RED – Something fun you did this summer
  • ORANGE-About someone cool you visited
  • YELLOW-About something you tried first time.
  • GREEN-About your favorite things to do
  • PURPLE-Something no one knows about you
  • Each student gave their current challenges and what they would like to learn and practice together.Below is the list. 
  •  Time Management, Not to procrastinate.
  • Dealing with difficult people, how to recover from a damage caused to a friendship.
  • Friendship without expectations 
  • communication skills, team work
  • anger management
  • how to put your best effort and not be lazy
  • Develop Self confidence
  • Being patient.
  • How to be closer to Swami at school
  • How to not get anxious
  • Not judge book by its cover. Not judge people
  • How to get over fear of high school 
  • Class picture with Swami.


Note to parents:

Thank you for your time today. It was amazing to see all the parents come, thank you for your support.

Please find the link to the deck we reviewed during the parent meeting.

Feel very blessed to have such matured and devoted group of students. The topics they gave shows their level of maturity. Praying to Swami to guide us all.