CLASS DATE: 3/14/21 TEACHER(S):  Nalini, Gangadhar

SUMMARY:  Experience Unity thru Service 



We started with prayers. We had discussed earlier different ways to experiencing Unity, Service is one way that we all agreed. While Group 3 is participating in many service projects (Inter Faith Food Shuttle, SAI Tutoring, Group 1 buddy, Go Green & Recycle), one group 3 student came up with 2 more service projects for our group

  1. School Attire Initiative- This service is to gather new and gently used clothes and donate it to School going kids from underprivileged families and children living in low income communities.
  2. Sai Happy Readers: This service is about collecting books, which include story books, workbooks, text books, and School supplies and donating them to non profit organizations. These organizations are working towards providing maximum literacy resources to everyone including low income families and under funded schools. By doing this we are giving equal resources for most kids in those communities for learning.

We reviewed eday program framework & student leads 


We started with prayers.

Today’s class was dedicated to discuss eday drama ideas. We read thru compilation of Swami’s discourses.

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Note to Parents:

Please encourage students to follow (virtual) class best practices.

Students were asked to participate in their academic/extra curricular activities with enthusiasm to see the difference in learning process. If possible discuss this topic as a family.

Do not give yourself too much importance. Be less self centered

  • Take time to socialize (in person)to identify oneness. Set goal for without digital device time.
  • Listen when people are talking, make an eye contact during a conversation and be respectful.
  • Get to know someone you don’t like. Try to guess why someone is the way they are. Be kind to someone who gets on your nerves.
  • Accept your mistakes 
  • Look out for service at home & community. Service starts at home.
  • Notice every time you are judging someone, this is a first step towards realizing oneness
  • Consciously remind yourself , the same Divinity is present in the person, bug, tree you come across.
  • Be confident, you are divine, same divinity is in you as well. Give this affirmation to yourself everyday morning, Turn on video in zoom, you are beautiful/handsome 🙂
  • Develop qualities of pure heart Karuna (compassion), Muditha (appreciation), Mytri(friendship), Upeksha (disinterestedness).
  • Do not raise voice against your parents to prove you are correct.