CLASS DATE: 4/14/2019 TEACHER(S):  Nalini, Gangadher
SUMMARY:  Skit Practice. Go green presentation by G4 ATTENDANCE:  15


Beginning prayers led by students. We chant multi faith prayers beginning of each class to show all regions teach same.

Link to multi faith prayers with meaning:

Main topic:  Devotion (tip 6) Be God in everyone and everything

Practiced skit from 3 to 3:50 pm. Skit leads helped practice in groups.

Group 4 students gave presentation on Go Green.

Audio recording of Scene 1 from 4:20 to 4:50 pm


Note to Parents:

One practice a week to qualify to call our self a devotee of Swami. Students add practice each week.

Tip1: Start the day and end the day with Swami’s name. Swami will count this as 8 hour chanting during night.

Tip2: Keep your consciousness active. Do not suppress it. 

Tip3: To keep our consciousness active we are going to think/chant or say SAIRAM, every time we eat snack/meal, drink water/juice/milk.

Tip4: Body is the temple, keep this instrument fit. Remind yourself Swami resides in this body. Chant Swami’s name while taking shower. Eat healthy and exercise. 

Tip5: Choose one person from their do not like list, identify a good quality in that person. Think positive about them.

Tip6: See God in everybody and everything. Start with seeing Swami in parents and siblings