Study Circle


This session focused on “Managing the Mind”, building on Bhagawan’s directives to:

(a) Regular cleaning of the Mind, (b) Turning the Mind towards God (c) Rendering the Mind Objectless. We spoke of the above in the context of the characteristics of the Mind we studied in the last few sessions. As managing the mind is no mean task, Grace of the Lord, attained through deep prayer is a recommended method.

In the next session, we encourage members to come forward to share their insights based on the discussions we have had, on this theme. Sairam!


With Bhagwan’s Grace the study circle members reconvened after a long gap, to continue discussing the characteristics of the Mind. Bhagwan’s concept of ” Materialization – Vibration – Radiation” and about 15 different characteristics such as ” Operates through the senses”, “tends to seek  self gain and dwell in the past or the future” “Engages in planning and mental chatter” were discussed. Bhagwan’s concept of “CIA” or ” Constant Integrated Awareness” was introduced. Many examples from Bhagwan’s life and actions were presented to show how He operated from beyond the “Body – Mind”construct. Turning the mind to focus on the Atman, is a major “shift” that we should try to achieve with utmost sincerity.

On the following Sunday, the discussion will focus on ways to “Manage the Mind” through Awareness of the Breath, Cleansing the mind, Turning it toward God. Jai Sai Ram!

11/05/17 – Guidance to Western Devotees on the Mind

We revisited  the characteristics of the mind, namely, “planning” and “mental chatter” and discussed some questions from the group. We also spoke of how Bhagawan operated from a different plane beyond the mind. His universal vision and selflessness are exemplary and His help to us, devotees, through His Life and teachings are most valuable.

We discussed Bhagawan’s guidance to Western devotees on how the Mind uses the senses to compare with external environment and this again becomes a trigger for mental chatter and planning. 

Bhagawan also explains that the Mind goes out to grasp thoughts and that they are material. In the next session, we will focus on Bhagawan’s prescription on how we can, “Manage the Mind”.

Please see the entire compilation for this topic at:

10/29/17 – “Body is like a Water bubble”, ” Mind is like a Mad Monkey”

Bhagawan says – “Body is like a water bubble” and “Mind is like a Mad Monkey”. We tried to understand the import of this insight from Bhagawan.

According to Bhagawan, two characteristics of the Mind “Aalochana” or “Planning” and  Sambhashana or “mental chatter” are constant, even unrelenting, especially, during stressful situations. We discussed this and agreed to observe the “mental chatter” during periods such as driving, eating our food and taking a shower, when the vacant mind, often times,  surfaces its hidden agenda.

In the next session, we will dive deep into Swamiji’s guidance on another characteristic of the Mind, namely Comparison and read how He guided Western devotees in this regard!

Topic: Master the Mind – Be a Master Mind 

The session focused entirely on discussing Quotes from Bhagawan’s writings such as Sandeha Nivarini and Discourses, with a view to understand the Divine teachings and apply them in our lives so we can achieve the objective of: Managing the Mind which is truly a difficult task, but is critical as spiritual aspirants.

The first session, focused on understanding the ” Antahkarana” or the Inner Equipment we’ve been endowed with. These include – the Mind, Consciousness, the Intellect and the Atma (Soul). We also discussed Bhagawan’s statements describing how these four, react to outer objects and circumstances, throwing a cover over clear vision, achieving their own work and pulling man away from Inner peace.

We then discussed how the Mind is the “thinking aspect of the Absolute consciousness” and is derived from it. We also discussed the “vrittis” or activities that characterize the mind. The Mind is always unsteady and constantly flitting from one object to another.

Based on these we made points around the fact that this concept of “Mine” is conjured up by the mind, for objects, people unknown until yesterday. Using examples from real life we discussed how attraction to objects can derail your objective or goal, as the Mind gets attracted suddenly through a sense organ.

Conviction that control of outer events is possible drives us to fret and spend energy in that direction, while the mature aspirant knows that action is necessary while events are not in anyone’s control. The judgemental nature of the Mind, makes it stand in judgement f God too. Bhagawan Divinized everything and is beyond context, while the Mind constantly judges and contextualizes things.

There was discussion on the senses, questions around whether or not this is a very depressive view of the world.

The next session may focus on Characteristics of the mind – mainly Sambhashana (Mental Chatter) and Aalochana (Planning).