Study Circle

Please join us for the study of Sathya Sai’s Teachings on Sundays from 4 to 5 p.m.

9 stages of devotion (Nava Vidha Bhakti)
1-) Shravanam (Listening to the Glory of Lord) by Gaurav Pathak – 9/30/18 Audio recording

2-) Kirtanam (Singing the Glory of Lord) by Sudha Dev – 8/7/18 Audio Recording 

3-) Smaranam (Remembering God) by Vini Raman – 10/14/18 Audio Recording 

4-) Pada Sevanam (Serving the lotus feet of the Lord) By Senthil Kumar – 10/21/18 Audio Recording 

5-) Vandanam (Salutation (or) Gratitude to the lord) By Ravi Mariwalla – 10/28/18 Audio Recording.

6-) Archanam (Worshiping the Lord) – 12/02/28 Presentation

7-) Daasyam (Serving the Lord as His servant)

8.) Sakhyam (Developing friendship with the Lord)

9-) Atmanaivedanam (Total surrender of oneself to the Lord) By Ravi Mariwalla – 1/13/18 Audio Recording